Saturday, September 24, 2005

Free Shawl and Wrap Links

  1. A.C. Moore Knitted Shawl With Beads (K)
  2. All Tangled Up's Kiri Shawl (K)
  3. Ashley Martineau's Garter Stitch Shawl (K)
  4. Aunty M's Stole (C) 
  5. Barbara Breiter's Kid Merino + Little Flowers Shawl (K)
  6. Berroco's Georgia Oversized Square Shawl (K)
  7. Berroco's Hasana Shawl (K)
  8. Berroco's Josephina Oversized Wrap (K)
  9. Berroco's Lilly Modern Geometric Wrap (K)
  10. Berroco's Marguritte Evening Wrap (K)
  11. Berroco's Michaela Spectacular Lace Shawl (K)
  12. Berroco's Patricia Shawl (C) 
  13. Berroco's Stevie Shawl with Sleeves (K)
  14. Berroco's Zeta Shawl (K)
  15. Bev's "Dishcloth" Shawl (K)
  16. C Devine's Rose Trellis Shawl (K)
  17. Kaleidoscope Shawl (C) 
  18.'s Lovely Lacy Shawl (K)
  19. Caron's Cozi Shawl (C)
  20. Caron's Ruffle Wrap (K) 
  21. Caron's Shoulder Shawl (K)
  22. Cat Bordhi's Swimming Jewels Stole (K)
  23. Catherine Lindsay's Lacy Shell Stole (C)
  24. Craftbits' Baby's Lacy Shawl (K)
  25. Craftown's Diamond Pattern Shawl (K)
  26. Craftown's Easy Knit Shawl (K)
  27. Craftown's Evening Shawl (C)
  28. Craftown's Everyday Shawl (C)
  29. Craftown's Fan Pattern Shawl (C) 
  30. Craftown's Shawl (K)
  31. Craftown's Shimmering Shawl (C) 
  32. Craft Yarn Council's Fall Shawl (C)
  33. Craft Yarn Council's Fall Shawl (K)
  34. Craft Yarn Council's Fringed Shawl (C)
  35. Craft Yarn Council's It's a Wrap (C)
  36. Craft Yarn Council's Summer Cover Up (C) 
  37. Crystal Palace's Fizz + Kid Merino Shawl (K)
  38. Crystal Palace's Party Ribbon + Splash Shrug (K) 
  39. Crystal Palace's Party Triangle Stole (K)
  40. Crystal Palace's Triangle Garter Stitch Shawl (K)
  41. Dainty Works' Katherine Queen of Stoles (C)
  42. Dainty Work's Peachtree Street Stole (C) 
  43. Dainty Work's Powder Puff Shawl (C)
  44. Danielle Schoonover's Cozy Lace Wrap (K)
  45. Darilyn Page's Basketweave Fiber Hug Shawl (K)
  46. Debb Wilcox's Papillion (Butterfly) Shawl (K)
  47. Debra Matz's Bell Pattern Shawl (K)
  48. Debra Matz's Rob Roy Triangular Shawl (K)
  49. Denise Powell's Watercolours Shawl (K)
  50. Dot Matthews' Bows and Arrows Stole (C)
  51. Dot Matthews' Pretty as a Peacock Stole (C)
  52. Emily Nelson's Solomon's Knot Shawl (C) 
  53. Emma Crew's Cobweb Shawl (K)
  54. Fleisher's Knitting and Crocheting Manual's Leeds Shawl (K)
  55. Flory Loughead's Shetland Shawl (K)
  56. Grace Stark's Wrapped in a Hug Stole (K)
  57. Gritty Knits' Scrap Wrap (K)
  58. Groovy Crochet's Easy Crochet Wrap Up Shawl (C)
  59. Groovy Crochet's Filigree Shawl (C)
  60. Groovy Crochet's Marigold Shawl (C)
  61. Groovy Crochet's Mexicana Shawl (C)
  62. Groovy Crochet's Tasseled Wrap Around Shawl (C)
  63. Heirloom Knitting's Bird's Eye Shawl (K)
  64. Heirloom Knitting's Daisies Shawl Pattern (K)
  65. Hello Yarn's A Brown Shawl (K)
  66. Janelle Schlossman's Light and Cozy Shawl (C) 
  67. Janice Pea's Drop Stitch Shawl (K)
  68. Janice Pea's Ruffle Stole/Scarf (K)
  69. Janice Pea's Simple Triangular Shawl (K)
  70. Janice Pea's Thrift Shop Shawl
  71. Jillian Moreno's Bob & Weave Wrap (K) 
  72. Jo Anne Tracy's Halcyon Shawl (C) 
  73. Joan Hamer's Big Snuggly Shawl (K)
  74. Judy Gibson's Simple Slant Shawl (K)
  75. Karen Connor's Lace Shawl (K)
  76. Kat Coyle's Leaves and Waves Shawl (K)
  77. Kelly. A Jackson's Just a Little Privacy Wrap (C) 
  78. Kelley Petkun's Dropped Stitch Shawl (K)
  79. Kelley Petkun's Red Hat Lady Shawl (K)
  80. Kim Huhta's Glam Ribbon Stole (K)
  81. Kika Robinson's Easiest Shawl Ever (C)
  82. Knit Picks' Drop-Stitch Twist Shawl (K) 
  83.'s Cover-up (K)
  84.'s Elegant Evening Wrap (K)
  85.'s Filet Mesh Shawl (C)
  86.'s Just Enough Lacey Shawl (C) 
  87.'s Lacey Evening Wrap (K)
  88.'s Light Lacey Shawl (C) 
  89.'s Light Wrap (K)
  90.'s Long and Open Shawl (C)
  91.'s Long Shawl (C)
  92.'s Long "V" Stitch Shawl (C) 
  93.'s Multi Colored Shawl (K)
  94.'s Stole (C)
  95.'s Trianular Shawl (C) 
  96. Knitty Gritty's Wrap it Up Liberty Shawl (K)
  97. Knottie By Nature Blue Jeans Shawl (C)
  98. Knottie By Nature's Spring Has Sprung Shawl (C) 
  99. L. Mathewson's Diagonal Stitch Shawl (C)
  100. Laurie Osborne's Wave and Shell Shawl (K)
  101. Lee Mathewson's Kerchief or Shawl (C) 
  102. Linda Benne's Baby Kid Mohair Shawl (K)
  103. Linda Clark's Candle Flame Shawl (K)
  104. Lynda Illingsworth's Tessa and Anna Shawls (K)
  105. Linda's Denim Shawl (K)
  106. Linda's Lacy Shawl (K)
  107. Linda's Old Shale Shawl (K)
  108. Linda Wish's Shrug-Shawl Bedjacket (K)
  109. Lion Brand's Trellis Triangle Knit Shawl (K)
  110. Liz Biven's Easy Shawl (M)
  111. Lizzi Jennings' Tri-aran-angle Shawl (K)
  112. Mango Moon's Wink Stole (K)
  113. Mani Di Fati's Ivory Shawl with Flowers (C) 
  114. Mantellina Shawl With Sleeves (K)
  115. Marnie MacLean's Flamenco Wrap (C) 
  116. Marie-Christine Mahe's Vegan Fox Stole (K)
  117. Marlo D. Cairns' Sweet February Shawl (C)
  118. Maureen Egen Emlet's Shells and Squares Shawl (C) 
  119. McCall's Crochet It! Lacy Summer Shawl (C)
  120.'s Fringed Stole (C)
  121. Melissa Leapman's Pink Scalloped Shawl (C) 
  122. Melissa Lim's Eve Fluffy Faux Fur Stole (K)
  123. Midnight Knitters' Seaweed Wrap (K)
  124. Minerva Yarns' Shoulderette (K)
  125. Moda Dea's Kickx Wrap (C) 
  126. Moda Dea's Stole (K)
  127. Moda Dea's Wrap (K)
  128. Mom's Shawl from The Knitting Fiend (K) 
  129. Nancy Valocik's Buttoned-Up Shawl (K)
  130. Nona's Tie One On Wrap (K)
  131. Orang Merajut's Green Stole (K)
  132. Peggy Pignato's Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl (K) 
  133. Polly Othwaite's Kiri Shawl (K)
  134. Rare Yarns' Wrap in Garter Stitch (K)
  135. Safiya Ali's Lacy Stole (C) 
  136. Sall Trefftsz's Raspberry Wrap (K)
  137. Sara Sharpe's Tinsel Garland Shawl (K)
  138. Sarah Bradberry's Comfort Shawl (K)
  139. Sarah Bradberry's Dishcloth Shawl (K)
  140. Sarah Bradberry's Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl (K)
  141. Sarah Bradberry's Shetland Shawl (K)
  142. Sarah Bradberry's Shoulder Shawl (K)
  143. Sensations Rainbow Boucle Wrap (K)
  144. Seraphina's Shawl (C) 
  145. Sivia Harding's Variation on a Frill Stole (K)
  146. Solutia's Homespun Shawl (K)
  147. Stasia's Koigu Kersti Shawl (K)
  148. Sue's Clove St Shawl by Betsy Baird (K)
  149. Susan C. Druding's Deco Ribbon and Splash Stole (K)
  150. Sue Morgan's Frilling Wrap (K)
  151. Terri Lee Royea's Garter Stitch Shawl (K)
  152. The Daily Knitters' Susan Shawl (K)
  153. The Yarnpath's Zen Garden Stole (K)
  154. Trish Bloom's Bloom Shawl (K)
  155. Two Sister's Vinatage Angora Stole Cape (K)
  156. V & A Fern Stitch Shawl (K)
  157. Vicki Harrelson's Scalloped Edge Shawl (C) 
  158. Yarn Market's Baby Loop Reversible Wrap (K) 
  159. Yarn Market's Mariposa Shawl (K) 
  160. Yarn Market's No Struggle "Shrugawl" (K)
  161. Yarn Market's Phoenix Shawl (K) 
  162. Yarn Market's Prism Shawl with Touch Me (K)
  163. Wendy Engstrom's Orenburg Style Shawl (K) 
  164. Wendy Wonnacott's Ella Shawl (K)
  165. Women's Weekly Heirloom Shawl (K)

I have no affiliation with the above sites and most likely have not
researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located.