Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baby Stuff

Crochet stuff will come one of these days...

  1. Ariel Zusya Benjamin's Apple Hat (K)
  2. Baby Center's Bunny Beanie (K)
  3. Bonnie Brann's Petal Baby Hat (K)
  4. Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff's Trellis (K)
  5. Brynne Sutton's Cargo Pants (K)
  6. Canadian Living's Baby Jacket (K)
  7. Carole Barenys' Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater (K)
  8. Cinnamon Cooper's Baby Tart (K)
  9. Craftown's Diamond Baby Ensemble (K)
  10. Crystal Palace's Baby Georgia Chick Dress (K)
  11. Crystal Palace's Baby Teddy Bear Sweaters (K)
  12. D-Made's Quickie Baby Sweater (K)
  13. Dawn Adcock's Little Shell Lace Baby Bonnet (K)
  14. Deb White's Jane of the Jungle (K)
  15. DYI's "Suede" Baby Hat (K)
  16. DYI's Ugg Boots (K)
  17. Emma Crew's Made With Love Layette Sweater (K)
  18. Freddy Knits' Beginner's Fair Isle Baby Hat (K)
  19. Freepatterns.com Shells and Columns baby Set (K)
  20. Freepatterns.com Sweetheart Sweater Set (K)
  21. Friendship Knitting Guild's Ear Flap Baby Hat (K)
  22. Friendship Knitting Guild's Easy Baby Sweater (K)
  23. Friendship Knitting Guild's Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan (K)
  24. Good Housekeeping's Ribbon Dress (K)
  25. Heather Ramsay's MissDashwood (K)
  26. Holli Yeoh's Devan (K)
  27. Interweave Knits' Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks (K)
  28. Joyce Mesecar's Baby Pullover Sweater (K)
  29. Judy Lamb's Cascading Leaves Christening Gown (K)
  30. Lacy Cardigan With Matching Hat and Mittens (K)
  31. Lorraine J Major's Angel Lace Baby Cap (K)
  32. Kat's Angel Cardigan (K)
  33. Kat's Lacy Cardigan With Matching Hat and Mitts (K)
  34. K. Schmidt's Nora's Orange Sweater (K)
  35. Kate Gilbert's Anouk (K)
  36. Kathleen Sperling's Argyle Cardigan (K)
  37. Kerrie's Newborn Hats (K)
  38. Kristi Porter's Haiku (K)
  39. Lauren Eade's Baby Hat with Leaf Edging (K)
  40. Lion Brand's Tutu Onesy (K)
  41. Lora Jenkins's Lace Baby Beenie
  42. Marnie MacLean's Dragon Hoodie (K)
  43. Mary Lee Herrick's Baby Coat (K)
  44. Megan Mills Mitered U Baby jacket (K)
  45. Naked Sheeps Cashmerino Aran Raglan (K)
  46. Nilda Mesa's Cecilia (K)
  47. Nola Rixon's Opal Wool Cardigan (K)
  48. Opal's Baby Set (K)
  49. P2 Designs' Baby Hat with the Swirl on Top and Socks (K)
  50. P2 Designs' Bright Eyes Baby Jacket (K)
  51. P2 Designs's Christmas Hat and Elfin Socks (K)
  52. P2 Designs' Circle of Hearts Baby Hat (K)
  53. P2 Designs' Circle of Hearts Socks (K)
  54. P2 Designs' Froggy Hat (K)
  55. P2 Designs' Froggy Socks (K)
  56. P2 Designs' HollyDays Set (K)
  57. P2 Designs' Just Ducky Hat (K)
  58. P2 Designs' Just Ducky Socks (K)
  59. P2 Designs's Leggings with Foot (K)
  60. P2 Designs' The Noah's Ark Collection (K)
  61. P2 Designs's Peppermint Twist Hat and Socks (K)
  62. P2 Designs' Pretty as a Poppy hat and Mary Jane Socks (K)
  63. P2 Designs' Snowflake Baby Hat (K)
  64. P2 Designs' Snowflake Socks (K)
  65. P2 Design's Ups-a-Daisy Hat & Socks (K)
  66. Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Daisy (K)
  67. Wendy Johnson's Baby Norgi (K)
I have no affiliation with any of the sites and probably have not researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located. Thanks Rachel for all your help :)