Thursday, July 26, 2007

Silliness last week at 1:30 am

Poppy (1:30:26 AM): Alpaca yarn, which is one of the world's rarest natural fibers, has outstanding qualities that make it ideal for the production of high quality knitwear.
Me (1:30:37 AM): rare??
Me (1:30:48 AM): hahaha
Poppy (1:30:51 AM): that's what a sales thingy for a sweater says
Poppy (1:30:53 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
Me (1:30:53 AM): are they serious
Poppy (1:30:58 AM): yep
Poppy (1:30:59 AM): dead
Me (1:30:58 AM): lololololol
Poppy (1:31:02 AM): lololol
Poppy (1:31:11 AM): *Link given here...we won't embarrass the store*
Me (1:31:13 AM): crikey! it's the elusive rare alpaca
Poppy (1:31:29 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Me (1:31:36 AM): hahahahahahahahaha
Me (1:31:43 AM): one of natures oddities
Poppy (1:31:46 AM): oh look! what's that? oh! it's the rare alpaca and its mate
Poppy (1:31:50 AM): shhh
Poppy (1:31:53 AM): be vewy quiet
Me (1:31:52 AM): rarely seen in nature
Me (1:31:57 AM): hahahahahahahah
Me (1:32:03 AM): the alpaca is very dangerous
Me (1:32:07 AM): and deadly creature
Poppy (1:32:13 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
Poppy (1:32:25 AM): they will charge at you for no reason
Poppy (1:32:35 AM): which explains why they are so rare
Poppy (1:32:36 AM): hunted
Me (1:32:38 AM): and bobs your uncle they will bite off your head
Poppy (1:32:40 AM): to near extinction
Poppy (1:32:47 AM): hahahahahaha
Me (1:32:46 AM): lolololol
Me (1:32:59 AM): yeah that and the fact that they are invisible
Me (1:33:04 AM): magical
Me (1:33:06 AM): creatures
Poppy (1:33:08 AM): HAHAHAHAHAH
Poppy (1:33:16 AM): live only in the vicinity of unicorns
Me (1:33:19 AM): hahahahahahhaha
Me (1:34:10 AM): and the blood cures disease!
Poppy (1:34:15 AM): lololol
Me (1:34:20 AM): lolololololololol
Poppy (1:34:34 AM): there are whole communities that have been wiped off the planet
Poppy (1:34:43 AM): from the wild alpacas
Poppy (1:34:46 AM): roanoke
Poppy (1:34:49 AM): it's a theory
Poppy (1:34:50 AM): you know
Me (1:34:49 AM): oh yes
Me (1:34:51 AM): i heard that
Poppy (1:34:56 AM): lololol
Me (1:34:57 AM): lololololol
Poppy (1:35:00 AM): omg
Poppy (1:35:01 AM): blog it
Poppy (1:35:03 AM): lololol
Me (1:35:08 AM): lolol ok
FaeryCrafty (1:35:15 AM): i am so blogging this