Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Addition

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Meet the newest member of our family, Marco Esquandoles. While I was staying with my sister, Misti, I happened to fall in love with this little fellow. Lexie, Devin, and I named him one night (that's another fun story, ask me later), and it just stuck. He was seriously campaigning to go home with me all the way up until I walked out the door. I was already sad about leaving to begin with, and leaving him behind broke my heart even more. A few days later Rob, the most awesome husband on the planet in the universe, spent his entire day off flying to Virginia and back to pick him up for me. Yes you guys, this is one important baby or maybe I'm one important wife...ok maybe both! The flight attendants became so smitten with this kitten (I could not resist that), that they upgraded him and Rob to first class. "No kitten that cute is gonna sit in coach! You're coming up to first class!" Hmmm that's a thought. Maybe we should all fly with kittens every where we go.

It's really hard to explain or even understand how much happiness one tiny little furball can bring to your life. I have been quite down lately, and he is just the sunshine I have been looking for.