Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank You!!

Thank you for all the happy anniversaries :) You are all too sweet!! We had a wonderful weekend together. Hey girls my hubby made me breakfast in bed. Heaven!

So I have been quite the Slacker Blogger lately haven't I? I hate to say this, but I guess I simply haven't felt like blogging. I had stuff to blog about, but just didn't get motivated enough to get out the camera, take pictures, upload the pictures, edit the pictures, try to type something half way interesting... I used to feel bad about not blogging often, but now I am of the attitude that if you don't feel like it, don't force it. I think that once you start having to force yourself to blog, you start resenting the blog. It becomes a chore, and what good does that do? It takes all of the fun out of it, and wasn't that why you started the darn thing in the first place?? I toyed with the idea several times to give up blogging all together, but could never bring myself to do it. Despite the decline in the frequency of my entries, I would honestly miss blogging. I would miss reading your comments and visiting your blogs in kind. Yes even though I'm slow to answer, I truly look forward to reading your comments after I post an entry. So I'm going to keep blogging for as long as it is fun, but I'm not going to feel guilty anymore when I don't post. I don't feel guilty when I don't watch a movie, go shopping, and any other fun things like that. Ya know?

Ok so let's see. Here are some things I do have pictures of. I finished one of my Baubles....

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I really, really, really love this bracelet. I wore it out tonight and got lots of compliments. This was a very easy project. Once you get all that stringing done the knitting part is done in a flash. I have an idea for a necklace to go with it. I'm going to start stringing that tomorrow.

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That up there is the turquoise and sterling silver bracelet I made Mom for her birthday, and here are the gold threader earrings I made to match a bracelet I made for her once upon a time ago.

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I hope you all have a great weekend!! I'm gonna go play with my rescue horsies on Sunday. I'll see you Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday...