Thursday, March 24, 2005


Up until a couple of days ago  my grandmommy had been out of town. We got to have one of our Girls' Days on Tuesday, and we had a blast. We started the outing by making a trip to Panera Bread where we promptly pigged out! I had my favorite Turkey and Artichoke sandwich and a Cheese Danish! I have promised not to reveal her consumptions. I'll save that for blackmail later. Muhahaha!

After we ate, we waddled out of Panera Bread and headed out to go "Yarnin" (that's what we call yarn shopping) at two of the local yarn shops. As you may know, Grandmommy does not know how to knit, but throughly enjoys and appreciates the scarves that I make for her. Especially the ones of the non neon variety. Haha! She loves to go "yarnin" with me to find inspiration for her next scarf. This time we were actually on a mission for a specific yarn. Remember this scarf? She loves that scarf, and as you can see from this picture so does her friend Terry. He loves it so much that he wants one of his own, so we went to Sip & Knit (love the place!!!) hoping that they would still have some. They did...

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I am planning on casting on twice as many stitches for this one, so we bought twice as much yarn. We also bought some fun beads to use on the fringes of future scarves. We picked these because they pick up the color of whatever scarf you use them on. Pretty nice don't you think. While looking around she fell in love with one of the sample scarfs knit in Berroco Crystal FX. Unfortunately they were out of the beautiful Titanium color she fell in love with so our quest continued.

We left Sip & Knit and headed over to Knit! a yarn shop that opened up a couple of months ago in Longwood. That is where I bought my yummy Berroco Cotton Twist. Alas, Marnie didn't have Crystal FX, but the trip was still worth it. She let me look through her yarn sample books which was too much fun! I was able to see and feel all the yarns that Berroco offers which was a little too much temptation for me! Can you believe I walked out of there empty handed even though Marnie said she would order any yarn I wanted for no extra charge!? I thanked her profusely and told her that I would definitely take her up on that once I have finished a few projects. Ugh that was hard.

Finally we went to the mall in search of the perfect birthday card for Rob at Hallmark, and you know the rest of that story haha! You'll be happy to know we did not end up fruitless in our search for the elusive Crystal FX Titanium. When all else fails there is always the ever useful internet. Within minutes I acquired a ball on Ebay, and it should be here in a couple of days. I think it is safe to say we had a very successful day of yarnin' ;)