Monday, May 02, 2005

Show N Tell: Claudia's Entry

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I knit this set for a friend in Paris who's just had her first baby. As it happened, I also had two other babies to knit for, so I knit two additional sets, one in purple and one in watermelon pink. The socks are my own pattern and it was the first time I ever wrote a pattern for anything. No one was more amazed than me when they turned out so cute! The pattern for the beret is from Knit Baby Head and Toes, the beret yarn is Elann's Endless Summer. The sock yarn is Elann's Esprit. To do the three hats. I bought one skein each of the white and green, and three different colors for the crowns. Same for the socks, I bought one skein of white for the ruffles and three different colors for the socks proper. It made the three baby gifts very inexpensive to knit!



The Belt

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Here is the belt that I made for my grandmother. The angle I took this picture at makes the fringe look way longer than what it is. I'm just too tired to try and get a better one tonight. (I had to unload the truck at work today, and it took four hours!!! Then I got to spend another five hours putting the freight up. Yuck!) I'll be getting up with my grandmother tomorrow to give her the belt, so hopefully I'll get pictures of it in action. One good thing about the picture is that the color came out just right. I'm pretty happy about that :)