Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thanks Debbi :)

My friend Debbi bought me some Russian yarn for my birthday. Yay! It's very pretty fingering weight mohair in this beautiful teal color. The neat thing is that a Russian woman that goes to my friend's yarn shop taught me a really cool lace stitch. I figure it would be really neat to make a shawl with Russian yarn and a lace stitch taught to me by a Russian woman :) (Speaking of her, she is an incredible knitter and she can just look at a sweater and recreate it. I'm sooooo jealous of that ) Anyways I have some more laceweight yarn that is longing to become a shawl, and Doni taught me a really cool lace stitch last night. So I bought two pairs of size 10.75 Addi Naturas (i like the way the yarn looks on that or a size 11 addi natura didn't have an 11) so that I can begin two shawls. As hard as both lace stitches look, they are actually very easy, and I think that the shawls will go pretty fast on size 10.75's. The only real challenge will be finding the time to knit them.