Saturday, December 31, 2005

Neat Pic

Image Hosted by I took this picture on the way to my friend Suzy's Christmas Eve party. Rob was driving, and I wanted to play with my new toy. I think the car may have hit a bump which caused the camera to move and make the lights do that really cool thing they did. Interestingly my face didn't get blurred with the bump. It kinda looks like Tinkerbell is flying laps around my head. I just though it was a neat picture and wanted to share it with you :)

Happy New Year!!!!
Be Safe!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Paillette Purse Pattern

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This is the pattern for the purse or at least the closest thing to a pattern I can muster. I didn't count the darn bangles/paillettes so I don't know how many to tell you to get at the moment. This will be added later. If you have any questions about the pattern feel free to contact me :)

Size 8 needles
Paillettes with large holes about 182
1 hank Cordé by Judi & Co.

This bag is knit all in one piece and sewn up the sides.Before you cast on, string your paillettes onto the yarn.

Cast on 29 stitches
Rows 1-5 K1, P1 across
Row 6 K1, P1, *insert needle as if to knit and slide a paillette up to the needle, complete the knit stitch, P1, repeat from * across row to last two stitches K1,P1
Repeat rows 1-6 six times
K1, P1 for five rows.
This completes one side of the bag.
Repeat the entire process for the second side and bind off.

Make a 4 stitch I cord for the strap in whatever length you desire.

You can use any kind of closure for this bag that you like. I crocheted a button and then crocheted a small loop to fit around the button. To crochet a button you chain 5 then single crochet around twice. Break the yarn then use the tail to close the open end. Tadah! A crocheted button!

With RS facing, sew up the sides of the bags, attach i-cord, and sew on your choice of closure

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Paillette Purse

Image Hosted by

Here is the purse that I knit for my LYS. I didn't have my camera with me, so I just took a picture with my phone. I think it came out pretty darn good though don't you. I am now in the process of writing the pattern and I will post it here when I am done. This is the first official pattern that I have ever written, so Doni had to help me out with it. I knew what I did I just had a hard time figuring out how to write it.

As you can tell from the previous picture (thank you so much for the compliments) I have a camera in my possession. Not just any camera though! My hubby bought me a new Nikon for Christmas! Yay Rob! You rock!! This thing even makes movies. Now I just need to figure out how to post movies here! I'm not sure if I can or not. Wouldn't it be awesome if I could? Think of the possiblities! See you soon with more pictures! Have a great Wednesday :)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Already??

You know Christmas kinda snuck up on me. I can't believe it is actually in two days. You know what else snuck up on me? Dec 18 which is the second anniversary of my blog!! It's now two years old and being seriously neglected the last couple of weeks. I just haven't seen the point in blogging lately. I mean honestly a blog just isn't a blog without pictures, and my camera cord is still missing in action. I finished the purse with the bangles, my friend Debbie and I made a bazillion crocheted snowflakes, I am halfway finished with a ruffly scarf, and I have some beading that I have been working on. I can't show you ANY of this because I don't have a bloody camera cord!! This is seriously frustrating. Rob and I are going to hunt for it tomorrow since we're both off. I'm hoping to get my blog back in order and start posting regularly again. At least I'll have a bunch of pictures to show ya!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stuck At Home

Well I'm stuck at home due to the lack of an automobile so I decided that I'll work on my baby pattern list. Speaking of babies, Donna over at Yarn Tomato  just had a beautiful baby boy named Miles. Pop on by and see the cutey.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Do You Know...

How hard it is to drive a car in stop and go traffice WITHOUT a clutch?? It's kinda hard! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Still Here!

I'm still alive everyone. No worries! I can't get over how hard it has been to adjust to this new schedule. I have been knitting quite a bit though. I'm almost done with one of this potato chip ruffly scarf, and I'm making one of those purses with the shiney bangles on them. I'm not using a pattern but basically making it up as I go along. If you want to know the "recipe" so to speak, let me know.  I have pictures but I can't find my camera cord at the moment, and I have to go to bed. Figures right.

Today was my 14 hour day, and I have very little time to get anything done.  I hope I can even sleep since the floors are vibrating from the LOUDEST NEIGHBORS EVER!! Apparently noone needs to sleep at 11:30pm. What the heck am I thinking? Please bear with me. I know it isn't much fun reading a blog that doesn't post often and doesn't have pictures. I'll get it together soon.


Things To Do In No Particular Order

1. Post the links I have for baby clothes.

2. Find my stupid camera cord and post pictures!

3. Take pictures of the cashmere headband and scarf.

4. Set aside a time to blog and stick to it.

5. Find time for exercise. Getting off the booty is goooood.

6. Sleep?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well I started my new job yesterday, and I love it! There is a HUGE amount of stuff to learn, and I am mentally wiped out when I get home. I am working the new job, teaching three days a week, and I have an hour commute in heavy traffic, so I think it's going to take some time to adjust to my new life. Inevitably my blog is going to suffer over the next few days. I'm still going to check in but I definitely won't be able to post a bunch. I am sure to be late answering back comments and reading my blogs as well. I am getting knitting done though. I have a whole hour for lunch now, and I knit during most of it. Some of my coworkers have expressed interest in it, and I think that is fabulous! Maybe we could get a little lunch hour knitting group going :) I hope you all have a great day. I have to go to bed so I can wake up and fight traffic in the morning. Waaahoooo!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun Fun Fun :)

I had a wonderful time yesterday! Rob took the day off and we went to MGM Studios and Epcot. His aunt had given us free park hopper passes for Christmas last year, and we have been too busy to use them until now. We started the day of at MGM studio and rode The Tower of Terror. It wasn't quite as terrifying as I thought it might be. After we left there, we basically ate our way around Epcot. This was all my idea I should add. We had dinner in Morocco and watched this awesome belly dancer perform. While I was taking a video on my camera phone she came over and grabbed me! She had me do some of the belly dancing moves with her in front of the whole restaurant! I was a little embarrassed, but it was too fun! Someone taping asked my husband for his email address so that he could send him video of me dancing. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

In knitting news I just finished a headband/ear warmer made with 100% yummyyyyyyyy cashmere! My silly butt forgot to take a picture of it before I dropped it off at the shop. Don't worry I'll get one on Tuesday. Even though this was a very simple project it was one of the most pleasurable knitting experiences ever! This yarn was like spun clouds, baby bunnies, and satin sheets all spun together. Since I wasn't really following a pattern, I had to rip out the headband a couple of times before I got it right. Oh darn, right? What a horrible thing! I had to knit with the cashmere more!? Perish the thought. I'm halfway through a ruffly scarf in alpaca silk for the shop, and then I am going to try to get that Vogue wrap finished by January when I go up to VA. Well it's time for bed. I hope you all have a great day! I'll be working. Yay!

PS Go get cashmere!!

PSS The new Magknits is up. Go check it out!