Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm So Jealous!!!!!

Just in case you don't read the comments on this blog I had to make sure you read this one post so I'm not the only one crying in ENVY!!!! Join me now in my pain.

Yvonne writes

Can we talk stash enhancement? Yarn is the last thing I need, but: Holy cow. My daughter's band held a rummage sale today, and someone there pointed out to me that there were two garbage bags full of yarn. So I mosey over and look inside. There were skeins and skeins of Phildar Pronostic (acrylic/wool blend), Phildar Pegase (acrylic/wool blend), Nessi cotton/rayon/acrylic, Pinguin Pingora, Andean Alpaca, Reynolds Fleur de Lis, Patons Cotton Top, something called Slicque which is a metallic shiny novelty yarn, some without labels that are ribbony/shiny, a huge HUGE bright red lace-weight mohair which must be 1500 yards at least, Bernat Cott'n Silk, Phentex Mohair, and a bunch of other regular dept. store kind of yarns that I gave to my daughter. The only thing in there I couldn't find a use for was some crewel yarn, so I took that stuff out. So I go to pay for it. They say, "What do you think?" So I go, "Um...I'll take both bags out of here for......$15.00?" I paid $15.00 for all this. Don't you just wanna KILL me?? I want to see if that red mohair will work for making the Tie One On pattern from Knitty. Gonna go look, drool and check my gauge.....

In the immortal words of my friend Janette, Un-Buh-Lievable.