Monday, June 06, 2005

Show N Tell: Regina's Entry

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Hi Stacie,
It's been a while since I have emailed you regarding your show n' tell. My daughter did not want to wear the dress until we were in Japan. We literally arrived today (13 hr flight non-stop from Chicago to Nagoya). We spent five days in Tokyo (but it was too cool for this dress). Then we spent the last five days in Kyoto (nice and warm). I made this dress from a current Vogue pattern. It's an updated version of the kimono and roomier. It's suppose to have a tie around the waist, but she is always undoing them, so I decided to omit it. That's all for now. I bought a lot of Japanese yarn in Tokyo. I hope to get knitting soon!

Very, very jet lagged,

Regina the dress is beautiful and so is the model!! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope to see more and more entries to Show N Tell. It has been such a blast. To show my appreciation and to inspire more entries, I have decide to have a little contest. Every entry into Show N Tell until July 6 will be entered in a drawing to win this...

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and a couple of her friends. It is a cute little beaded faery that I made just for you! She is 1 1/2 inches tall (she looks big in my hand but I have seriously small hands) and her little arms and legs can be bent to pose her in all kinds of ways. You can get creative with them and add as a charm on a necklace, attach as a zipper pull, wear as dangly earrings, use as stitch markers... Just use your imagination and have fun!  To enter email your Show N Tell entry (even people that have a blog can enter)to faerycrafty at gmail dot com. All past entries will be included and the winner will be announced on the blog July 7.  I'll be waiting!