Monday, March 05, 2007

Yep It's Monday

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful which is not uncommon for me these days. Anyone out there work from home? It's actually a great gig, but you really have to make an extra effort to make friends that you wouldn't have to make working out in the world. I do miss the human interaction I had at my old job, but I surely do not miss the two hour (total) commute. I totally prefer the 30 second commute from my bedroom to my desk. Now ask me how cool it is to work in PJ's. Oh it is very cool.

I have to admit that I don't really make much of an effort to get out there and make friends like I should. This is probably because of the falling out I had with a friend I made in my neighborhood. I got blindsided by the whole situation, and I think a little shell shocked as well. But let's face it, I just need to get over it and move on. In my defense, I do make somewhat of an effort to dwell amongst the humans by teaching knitting classes. If that place would get their crap together and fire one awful woman, I am sure I would have more students. But I digress...I had a great student this past Friday. She was a very enthusiastic and fast learner, but the best thing about her was that she didn't want to jump 10,000 steps ahead in a 2 hour class. In my experience with teaching, you tend to have students that push and push to learn as much as they can in as little time as possible. These are the ones that end up coming back because they can't remember how to cast on. My best advice, hold your ground and stress the importance of crawling before you run a 5k.

Now I will abruptly change the subject as I am apt to do, by mentioning Interweave's book- hey look a squirrel!!! Ahem, by mentioning Interweave's new (at least to me) book, Lace Style. I have seen this book on several blogs, and will most likely add it to my library. Click here to check out the book on which gives you a look at the inside pages. I am loving the cardigan on the front cover already. I am such a fickle knitter, jumping from project to project like it ain't no thing.