Monday, November 28, 2005

Show N Tell: Judy's Entry

I enjoy your site even though I don't knit. Some I have tried to convert to crochet and some to weaving. I do have a show and tell a little out of the ordinary. I am a weaver. I make rugs, handbags, scarves, table runners and placemats.
Here are some of my favorites...

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This is the loom I make them on.

Image Hosted by

This handbag was woven with Lion Brand Chenille (Burgundy) It was lined in purple silk. This was a one day project and I gave it to my daughter who added the beads and buttons to make look more bohemian.

Image Hosted by 

This is a 5 foot runner made from bed ends. When they make sheets the trim all the ends and then ham them. They sell those ends to weavers. This fabric was a very mish mash of colors. It is one of my favorites. Using a loom is a test of your patients, but it pays off when you se the finished product.

Thank you,
Judy Oneacre

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I am enjoying a much needed day off and time with my husband. I think that having a day set aside to remember all the things that you are thankful for is a wonderful thing, but I do my best to be thankful every day. Some days are easier than others, however I always make sure I drop the negativity when my head hits the pillow and remember all the great people I have in my life. Honestly it isn't too hard. All I really have to do is look to my right :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cool Hat!

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Here is one of the things I have knit lately as a sample for my LYS. I got the pattern here. It is super easy and knits up really fast. The yarn is Lamb's Pride worsted, and it only took one skein. I really like this hat a lot, and I plan on making one for Grandmommy and me. The color didn't really come out right in this picture. It is actually teal with more of a green hue than is shown here. I love teal! It's one of my favorite colors.

Thanks for all the congratulations on my new job. I am now a receptionist, and I'm making a lot more money and better benefits. Plus I actually have a set schedule with the weekends off!! The job literally fell into my lap, and I couldn't be happier.I am a lucky lucky girl :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Show N Tell: Cecilia's Entry

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May I present my first two finished knitted items? First my "Cruella de Vil" scarf. The basic garter stitch scarf. At the end of the first skein it was not long enough so I added the off white, and thought it looked like Cruella's hair. For my second item we have "My First Cardigan" from BH&G Knitted Sweaters for Her (nice pattern book, BTW). Made from (cheap!) RH Misty acrylic/nylon so already pilling, but it's cozy and will make a great house sweater, and I am always in a sweater! And it was a great learning experience. I learned a lot of techniques and am already busy on sweaters #2 & 3.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wish Me Luck!!

I can't divulge why I need luck tomorrow (Friday) let's say around 1pm, but it is surely a good reason! It is something that will change my life for the better, and I'll be praying tonight for good news to tell you tomorrow! I'm sorry I have been so slack on blogging. I need better time management!! Thanks :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baby Stuff

Crochet stuff will come one of these days...

  1. Ariel Zusya Benjamin's Apple Hat (K)
  2. Baby Center's Bunny Beanie (K)
  3. Bonnie Brann's Petal Baby Hat (K)
  4. Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff's Trellis (K)
  5. Brynne Sutton's Cargo Pants (K)
  6. Canadian Living's Baby Jacket (K)
  7. Carole Barenys' Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater (K)
  8. Cinnamon Cooper's Baby Tart (K)
  9. Craftown's Diamond Baby Ensemble (K)
  10. Crystal Palace's Baby Georgia Chick Dress (K)
  11. Crystal Palace's Baby Teddy Bear Sweaters (K)
  12. D-Made's Quickie Baby Sweater (K)
  13. Dawn Adcock's Little Shell Lace Baby Bonnet (K)
  14. Deb White's Jane of the Jungle (K)
  15. DYI's "Suede" Baby Hat (K)
  16. DYI's Ugg Boots (K)
  17. Emma Crew's Made With Love Layette Sweater (K)
  18. Freddy Knits' Beginner's Fair Isle Baby Hat (K)
  19. Shells and Columns baby Set (K)
  20. Sweetheart Sweater Set (K)
  21. Friendship Knitting Guild's Ear Flap Baby Hat (K)
  22. Friendship Knitting Guild's Easy Baby Sweater (K)
  23. Friendship Knitting Guild's Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan (K)
  24. Good Housekeeping's Ribbon Dress (K)
  25. Heather Ramsay's MissDashwood (K)
  26. Holli Yeoh's Devan (K)
  27. Interweave Knits' Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks (K)
  28. Joyce Mesecar's Baby Pullover Sweater (K)
  29. Judy Lamb's Cascading Leaves Christening Gown (K)
  30. Lacy Cardigan With Matching Hat and Mittens (K)
  31. Lorraine J Major's Angel Lace Baby Cap (K)
  32. Kat's Angel Cardigan (K)
  33. Kat's Lacy Cardigan With Matching Hat and Mitts (K)
  34. K. Schmidt's Nora's Orange Sweater (K)
  35. Kate Gilbert's Anouk (K)
  36. Kathleen Sperling's Argyle Cardigan (K)
  37. Kerrie's Newborn Hats (K)
  38. Kristi Porter's Haiku (K)
  39. Lauren Eade's Baby Hat with Leaf Edging (K)
  40. Lion Brand's Tutu Onesy (K)
  41. Lora Jenkins's Lace Baby Beenie
  42. Marnie MacLean's Dragon Hoodie (K)
  43. Mary Lee Herrick's Baby Coat (K)
  44. Megan Mills Mitered U Baby jacket (K)
  45. Naked Sheeps Cashmerino Aran Raglan (K)
  46. Nilda Mesa's Cecilia (K)
  47. Nola Rixon's Opal Wool Cardigan (K)
  48. Opal's Baby Set (K)
  49. P2 Designs' Baby Hat with the Swirl on Top and Socks (K)
  50. P2 Designs' Bright Eyes Baby Jacket (K)
  51. P2 Designs's Christmas Hat and Elfin Socks (K)
  52. P2 Designs' Circle of Hearts Baby Hat (K)
  53. P2 Designs' Circle of Hearts Socks (K)
  54. P2 Designs' Froggy Hat (K)
  55. P2 Designs' Froggy Socks (K)
  56. P2 Designs' HollyDays Set (K)
  57. P2 Designs' Just Ducky Hat (K)
  58. P2 Designs' Just Ducky Socks (K)
  59. P2 Designs's Leggings with Foot (K)
  60. P2 Designs' The Noah's Ark Collection (K)
  61. P2 Designs's Peppermint Twist Hat and Socks (K)
  62. P2 Designs' Pretty as a Poppy hat and Mary Jane Socks (K)
  63. P2 Designs' Snowflake Baby Hat (K)
  64. P2 Designs' Snowflake Socks (K)
  65. P2 Design's Ups-a-Daisy Hat & Socks (K)
  66. Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Daisy (K)
  67. Wendy Johnson's Baby Norgi (K)
I have no affiliation with any of the sites and probably have not researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located. Thanks Rachel for all your help :)

    Monday, November 14, 2005

    Show N Tell: Sue's Entry

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    I am way behind in getting this to you - the Advent Box is done. I've attached photos for you. Behind each of the doors is a little, hand-painted wooden ornament for the kids to hang on their Christmas tree. It was indeed a "labor of love"!

    I'll have to send you some of the new things I've done with Diane Langan's shrug patterns. They are easy to work with and great to "improvise" various changes.

    Have a wonderful weekend - and that was really special to share your hair with those who really need it. I did that some time ago - and never regretted it!

    Sue - in the Log House

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Veterans' Day

    I offer my sincerest most whole hearted thanks to all the Veterans alive and to those who are no longer with us. Both of my brothers and my Pops are Veterans and I am super proud of them :) Big hugs to you Nick, Chris, and Pops!

    Image Hosted by

    Here is Antique all balled up with each yarn catalogued on notecards.  Doni (owner of the yarn shop I where I bought the kit) did me a huge favor by doing this for me.  I would have never thought of doing it to tell truth. This will make everything so much easier.  I went ahead and bought a set of ebony needles to knit her with. Nothing but the best for this beauty. I'm not going to start working on her until I have finished some of the things I am already working on. What better motivation to finish my current projects than this!

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Busy Busy Busy!

    I am sorry that my blogging has been so sporadic, but I have been super busy lately. Let me say that I'm very happy to have all the things going on that make me busy (I'm finally making the best of living here in Florida), but my blog tends to suffer for it. Usually I'm not walking in the door until after 7 or so, and then I have to clean, cook, pay bills, etc. By the time I get to really sit down at the computer to check my emails, reply to comments, and read my blogs I look up and it's after midnight! Where does the time go? Then I wonder if I should blog or get some much needed sleep. Here lately sleep has won out. I haven't forgotten about the list of baby clothing pattern links, I just haven't had the time to sit down and do it. I am going to start doing a couple a night, and hopefully I'll have you a list soon :) To save on time tonight, here is what I have going on in nutshell...

    • My knitting classes have really picked up I am very happy to say. I have wonderful students and I completely enjoy having the extra classes and students! The more the better!
    • I have been knitting this hat (very interesting site) as a sample for my LYS. So far I'm about halfway done. My goal was to have it finished by tomorrow, but it's not going to happen.
    • I am working on a lacy wrap from Vogue. I don't have nearly as many rows completed as I would like, but I can already tell it is going to be beautiful.
    • I am about to start one of those neat spiral looking scarves in a yummy pink alpaca. This is also a sample and will come after the hat.
    • I have the yarn to knit Butterfly, but I haven't swatched it yet. I think maybe I should make up a schedule for all of my projects. Monday is LYS, Tuesday is wrap, Wednesday LYS, Thursday is Butterfly...
    • I got a copy of Knitting Blogger's Favorite recipes in the mail the other day! I was so excited to see my recipe in there :) The book really turned out great and I can't wait to try other bloggers' recipes! Thanks Elizabeth!!
    • I am learning how to do chain maille and doing a bit of beading when I get the time. If you are interested in learning about it, here is a wonderful link. This interest came from the inability to find a single silver bracelet that I liked in the store. I plan on making a bracelet that looks something like this.
    • Speaking of beading, I will hopefully get to my friend Debbi's house on Friday to do some beading. This has to happen in between apple pie baking and a knitting class. I'll try not to cancel on you Deb!
    • I have been making the best of every spare minute I can catch with my husband. When your SO works even more than you do (that's a whole lot) you have to choose quality time over quantity of time. We went to Buca di Beppo over the weekend, and boy oh boy does that place rock! If you have one near you and you love Italian food, go as soon as you can! You won't be disappointed!

    So there you have my life in a nutshell. I'm sure I'm leaving something out ie. the war between myself and my cell phone provider. Hehe! I owe you a ton of pictures of all my WIP's, but right now the bed is calling my name. May you all have happily busy days :)

    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Show N Tell: Jenn's Entry

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

    These are some cases that I made from this pattern. The first picture is a cigarette case for my Grandma. She likes to tie fringe and wanted fringe on it, so I attached some to the flap. It was made with Red Heart, not sure of the color. It's a new color, I know that much. The bottom picture is a phone case for a friend from school. I had made me one ( mine was different, didn't have the flap, just a braided piece of yarn attached to loop over a button to close it.) I don't know what this yarn is. I'm sure I have the label around somewhere in my label box, but there are so many labels in there! I know I got the yarn from Michaels though. It's a mohair type yarn I think.


    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Know What This Is?

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    It's an Absolutely Fabulous Throw Kit!!!!! I have wanted one of these kits for so long, and now I finally have one. It was given to me as an early Christmas/Birthday present, and I am sooooooo happy!! Ok happy is a bit of an understatement.  I am bouncing off the walls, dancin' a jig, jumpin' up and down happy! I couldn't wait to tell you all about it because I knew that you would appreciate how completely awesome this gift is. I tried to explain it to my husband, but he just didn't get it. My co workers didn't seem to get it either. I can't begin to express my gratitude for this wonderful gift. The colorway of this kit is Antique, which matches my living room perfectly. I'm going to my LYS Saturday so that I can use the ballwinder, and I'm going to get all of the yarn organized. I know that once I have this yarn balled, I'm going to have a hard time not starting her! I have to try and stay focused on my current projects!!!