Thursday, September 16, 2004

Too Cool

When I decided to put together a list of poncho patterns I thought that a few people would be interested. I had no clue I would end up getting over 1,000 hits a day! I also have about 70 people who are on my update notification list, and people are actually linking to my blog. Bev from Bev's Country Cottage put a link to me on her website. Thanks Bev :) I got so excited when I saw that. Nancy, one of the gals in my knitting group, went to Georgia during hurricane Frances and shopped at a place called Cast On Cottage in Roswell. She gave me a little flyer that they were passing out when you made a purchase. It is a link to my blog!! How cool is that. She said she started jumping up and down when she saw it! To top it all off I found out that Amy Singer the editor of Knitty put a link to my blog in an entry she wrote for the Interweave's Webwatch Blog!! Thanks Amy!! That was just too cool! I guess my poncho list was a good idea after all! Now hopefully I won't bore the people to tears that happen to read my entries. If I do, just sneak on past them to the Poncho List! Haha!