Sunday, October 10, 2004


I finished the Spice scarf during my knitting group on Saturday. The scarf itself is 5ft long, and I put 6 inch long fringes on it. I think it is a good length for a dressy scarf, since it isn't necessary to wrap it more than once. It isn't going to be used for warmth, not where we live. Now if the hussy will hurry up and come home, I'll be posting pictures soon. (Hi Grandmommy, yes I just called you a hussy now come home and get your scarf! Heehee!)

After I finished the scarf I worked on the Fair Isle Bag for the rest of the time. I wanted to work on Ribby, but I left one of my needles at home. I wasn't complaining. I really enjoy working on it. Noone can believe that I am planning on giving it away, but I don't mind not keeping it. This is one of those projects that I really wanted to make, but I knew I would never actually use it. I know for a fact that the recipient will use it, and I know she will be very appreciative. I'll just make sure to take some good pictures of it.