Friday, June 04, 2004


Robyn requested a picture of my Just Peachy progress. So far I have finished the back and I am about eleven inches into the front. I haven't made it to the really neat criss cross part of the pattern so my picture isn't going to be very exciting. I guess it isn't really Just Peachy since I am knitting it with white yarn, but I think calling it Just Whitey sounds ridiculous! Hahahaha! Anyways, here is the picture. Please try to contain your enthusiasm and awe...

Would you like to see what I was doing when I should have been finishing Just Not Peachy? I think it is far more exciting! Check it out!

That is the first few rows of the Sampler Purse from Philosopher's wool. What do you think? If it looks bad, please tell me! This is my practice before I start the Fair Isle bag. My husband saw it and really got excited. He said, "Dang babe, that is really awesome! I'm really proud of you." He has never gotten this excited over my knitting before. Well I take that back. He was that excited when he got his first pair of socks. He is so proud of them. Well that is my show and tell for the day. Happy knitting everybody! I'm going to knit a little more and go to bed.