Saturday, December 02, 2006

For Every Problem There Is A Solution

Problem #1: Broken Camera

Solution: I found the answer here, and it should get here on or before December 14th. Yay!! Canons rock! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought another brand. We found our old Canon digital (still working) and ordered the missing accessories on Ebay. Now we have a backup camera, and Rob will have a camera to take on his trips.

Problem #2: Broken Computer (I can't win for losin' can I?)

Solution: Rob was kind enough to trade me his laptop for my MP3 player. I took the hard drive out of my computer and put it into his. Tadah! Problem solved. Now it is time to start saving my pennies for a new laptop. Any recommendations?

Problem # 3: What shall I knit next?

Solution: I started Ariann from Chicknits (am I the only one that can't stop pronouncing this Chick Knits??), started a pinwheel blanket, and swatched Serrano. I have lots of variety going to insure no knitting boredom. Details on each project to come.

Problem #4: Z's Confusion

Solution: We found a wonderful online tutor for Z, and I think he will learn great things from him. <wink>

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! The afghan I knit was from the book Afghan Medly by Leisure Arts. It called for a size 15 needle, but I used my size 11 ebonies and just cast (cast? is that right? should that be casted?? hehe) on more stitches. The yarn was Caron's Simply Soft in Bone (i think) chosen for easy care. For being such an inexpensive yarn, it is incredibly soft and holds up very well.