Monday, September 04, 2006

Show N Tell: Nancy's Entry

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Lucky Me! I got a new car in June and was about to leave for my vacation at the shore when I decided that I didn't feel like putting up with my seatbelt shoulder strap for the trip. It always seemed to annoy me . So I invented by Strap-Easer. It worked really well and the strap ceased to be a problem. One day I showed it to my bridge club and everyone wanted one. I decided that if I made enough of them I could start a college fund for my granddaughter. So I got my granddaughter and my sister to help me knit my shoulder pads. Needless to say it has consumed our whole summer. What a fun project! All the ladies that have them, love them. That is my daughter-in-law modeling it in the picture. I hope everyone will visit my website

Nancy Fries