Monday, November 22, 2004

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

I had a great time Saturday with the girls. The battery died on my camara, but Dale came to the rescue. Armed with here handy dandy cell phone she took a few pictures for ya. Thanks Dale!


That is a shot of Janette and I weaving in all the ends on the bag. Thanks Janette :) Rob you got so lucky! Believe it or not, it didn't take us very long to get it done.

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Here are all of the leftover scraps of yarn after we finished weaving. Doesn't look that impressive?

Dale took a picture next her coffee cup for scale. It was a pretty good sized pile of scraps. Rhonda immediately scooped them up for a surprise. Speaking of Rhonda....

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Did I ever tell you she is one talented woman? One of her other loves is Polymer clay, and she makes some incredible things with it. This is the best picture we could get with the cell phone, but you can still tell that her stuff is beautiful. Here is another shot...

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I plan on getting more pictures of her stuff when I get my battery. Actually I will probably be bringing my camera along with me to knitting more often. I would love to share all the wonderful things my talented friends create! Did I finish the bag??? Well I can't give it ALL away in one entry now can I?