Saturday, August 07, 2004


I have another update on my brother. It's very frustrating that we get only bits and pieces of information and half of it is wrong. First we hear he is shot, and then we hear he wasn't shot and it was shrapnel. Now the latest news is that he was shot. Did you ever play the game Telephone when you were a kid? You all sit in a circle and the first person whispers a sentence in the second person's ear. The second person whispers what they heard into the third person's etc etc... The last person says outloud what they think the sentence is, and it is almost always way off. This has been like one big freaking game of Telephone. This is the actual story.

Last Wednesday night Chris was in a convoy that was attacked. The militants were on the side of the road with a rocket propelled grenade waiting for them to pass. Once they shot that they started small arms fire that killed one and wounded five. Chris was one of the wounded. He was in the passengers seat, and the bullet went through the door through his right leg and shattered in his left thigh. The person driving was much more injured, so Chris took over driving until they were out of danger. My brother Nick was able to go to the hospital and will be there until Chris gets sent home. I am so thankful for my brother Nick's unit who never even hesitated about getting him to Chris' side.

This information came straight from Nick's wife so it should be acuarate. Thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers. Please continue to send happy thoughts and prayers for both of my brothers. Nick is still in the mess, and Chris has a long recovery ahead of him.

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