Friday, October 29, 2004


The list of sweater patterns is growing slowly but surely, and I'll be adding to it daily. I'm have only scratched the surface of the bookmarks I have collected. Just keep checking back, or enter in your email address for notifications.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Free Sweater Links

Ok here is my list so far. It is no where near done. As before, I have no affiliation with any of the sites and probably have not researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located. Just like my poncho list, I'll be adding them as I find them. If you see a link I don't have, you can leave it in comments. Any help is totally appreciated. Enjoy!

  1. Alison Hansel's Rosebud (Women)(K)
  2. Amy R Singer and Theresa Vinson Stenersen's Sweetness (Women)(K)
  3. Amy Swenson's Janda (Women)(K)
  4. Amy Swenson's Rosedale (Women)(K)
  5. Annie Modesitt's C3 (Women)(K)
  6. Auntie M's "Emily" Baby Sweater (Baby)(C)
  7. Barbara Breiter's Chevron Pullover (Women)(K)
  8. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 2 (Child)(K)
  9. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 4 (Child)(K)
  10. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 6 (Child)(K)
  11. Barbara Breiter's Deep V-Neck Cardigan (Women) (K)
  12. Barbara Breiter's Lacy Bed Jacket (Women)(K)
  13. Barbara Breiter's Man's Cabled Pullover (Men)(K)
  14. Barbara Breiter's Man's Mosaic Pullover (Men)(K)
  15. Barbara Breiter's Man's Mosaic Pullover II (Men)(K)
  16. Barbara Breiter's Shawl Collar Cardigan (Women)(K)
  17. Barbara Breiter's Two Color Cardigan (Women)(K)
  18. Berroco's Adele (Women)(K)
  19. Berroco's Andra (Woman)(K)
  20. Berroco's Bella (Women)(K)
  21. Berroco's Carlotta (Women)(K)
  22. Berroco's Celine (Women)(K)
  23. Berroco's Charlize (Women)(K)
  24. Berroco's Ciara (Women)(K)
  25. Berroco's Cynthia (Women)(K)
  26. Berroco's Dale (Women)(K)
  27. Berroco's Donna (Women)(K)
  28. Berroco's Eleanor (Women)(K)
  29. Berroco's Ellen (Women)(K)
  30. Berroco's Emily (Women)(K)
  31. Berroco's Estelle (Women)(K)
  32. Berroco's Flag Sweater (Women)(K)
  33. Berroco's Fonie (Women)(K)
  34. Berroco's Gloria (Women)(K)
  35. Berroco's Inez (Women)(K)
  36. Berroco's Ingrid (Women)(K)
  37. Berroco's Jacquline (Women)(K)
  38. Berroco's Jessica Henley (Woman)(K)
  39. Berroco's Katie (Women)(K)
  40. Berroco's Kendra (Women)(K)
  41. Berroco's Kimberly (Women)(K)
  42. Berroco's Lola (Women)(K)
  43. Berroco's Lucy Lu (Women)(K)
  44. Berroco's Luisa (Women)(K)
  45. Berroco's Mariel (Women)(K)
  46. Berroco's Marlo (Women)(K)
  47. Berroco's Mary Jane (Women)(K)
  48. Berroco's Maura (Women)(K)
  49. Berroco's Meryl (Women)(K)
  50. Berroco's Moira (Women)(K)
  51. Berroco's Naomi (Women)(K)
  52. Berroco's Nuala (Women)(K)
  53. Berroco's Olivia (Women)(K)
  54. Berroco's Pamela (Women)(K)
  55. Berroco's Pearl (Women)(K)
  56. Berroco's Risa (Women)(K)
  57. Berroco's Sandy (Women)(K)
  58. Berroco's Sarah Beth (Women)(K)
  59. Berroco's Selma (Women)(K)
  60. Berroco's Sheila (Women)(K)
  61. Berroco's Sheri (Women)(K)
  62. Berroco's Sidney (Women)(K)
  63. Berroco's Suzette (Women)(K)
  64. Berroco's Tammy (Women)(K)
  65. Berroco's Tanya (Women)(K)
  66. Berroco's Tatania (Women)(K)
  67. Berroco's Tessa (Women)(K)
  68. Berroco's Trudy (Women)(K)
  69. Berroco's Winona (Women)(K)
  70. Berroco's Vanessa (Women)(K)
  71. Berroco's Veronique (Women)(K)
  72. Berroco's Zena (Women)(K)
  73. Bevs Country Cottage 5 Hour Baby Sweater (Baby)(K)
  74. Another Crocheted Sweater (Women)(C)
  75. Crocheted Sweater (Women)(K)
  76. Knitted Variation (Women)(K)
  77. Blue Blog's Rosebud (Women)(K)
  78. Blue Blog's Tricot (Women)(K)
  79. Bonne Marie Burns' 3timesChic (Women)(K)
  80. Bonnie Marie Burns' Sitcom Chic (Women)(K)
  81. Bonne Marie Burns's Sitcom Chic (Women) (K)
  82. Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff's Tigger (Chid)(K)
  83. Bubamara's Navy-blue Cardigan (Women)(C)
  84. Baby Jacket (Baby)(K)
  85. Child's Hoody (Child)(K)
  86. Hugs and Kisses Cardigan (Women)(K)
  87. Pullover with Hood (Child)(K)
  88. Caryn Law's Tweedy Double Moss Stitch Sweater (Women)(K)
  89. Carol Sulcoski's Petrol (Men)(K)
  90. Caron's Simply Brites Sweater (Women)(C)
  91. Caron's Split-Collar Pullover (Women)(K)
  92. Cher Riley's Dog Sweater With Contrasting Collar (Dog)(K)
  93. Coats & Clark Denim Shell Pullover (Women)(C)
  94. Coats & Clark Patty Cakes Cardigan & Hat (Baby)(K)
  95. Coats & Clark Primary Colors Sweater (Child)(K)
  96. Coats & Clark Crayon Stripes Sweater (Child)(C)
  97. Coats & Clark Cuddly Cardigan (baby)(K)
  98. Coats & Clark Just Right Sweater (Child)(C)
  99. Coats & Clark Sassy Stripes Sweater (Women)(K)
  100. Colleen's Crew Neck Pullover (Women)(K)
  101. Craft Yarn Council Yellow Duckling Child's Pullover Sweater (Child)(K)
  102. Craft Yarn Council Baby's First Sweater (Baby)(K)
  103. Craft Yarn Council Black & White Pullover (Women)(K)
  104. Craft Yarn Council Cable Turtleneck (Women)(K)
  105. Craft Yarn Council Cardigan Jacket (Women)(K)
  106. Craft Yarn Council Fisherman Pullover (Men)(C)
  107. Craft Yarn Council Of America Springtime Cardigan (Women)(K)
  108. Craft Yarn Council Quck & Easy Garter Stitch Top (Women)(K)
  109. Craft Yarn Council Shrug (Women)(C)
  110. Craft Yarn Council Shrug (Women)(K)
  111. Craft Yarn Council Tulips Pullover Sweater (Women)(K)
  112. Craft Yarn Council Warm and Wonderful Cardigan (Women)(K)
  113. Craftown's Easy pullover (Women)(K)
  114. Dog or Cat Sweater Pattern (Dog/Cat)(C)
  115. Crystal Palace Big Net Brioche Cowl Pullover (Women)(K)
  116. Crystal Palace Big Collar Oversized Pullover (Women)(K)
  117. Crystal Palace Chenille / Waikiki Pullover (Women)(K)
  118. Crystal Palace Choo-Choo Striped Pullover (Women)(K)
  119. Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Cables and Bobbles (Women)(K)
  120. Crystal Palace "Fluff" Merino Frappe Cowl Pullover (Women)(K)
  121. Crystal Palace Iceland Lattice Pullover (Women)(K)
  122. Crystal Palace Musique Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  123. Crystal Palace Textured Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt (Women)(K)
  124. Deb White's Disoriented Express (Women)(K)
  125. Debbie Bliss' Simply Marilyn (Women)(K)
  126. Denny Kelly's Baby Set (Preemie)(K)
  127. Denny Kelly's Cardigan (Preemie)(K)
  128. Denny Kelly's Heather Premature Baby Jacket (Preemie)(K)
  129. Esther Smith Bozak's Custom Fit Dog Sweater (Dog)(K)
  130. Flory Loughead's Aran Jumper (Adult)(K)
  131. Flory Loughead's V-neck Pullover in the Round (Adult)(K)
  132. Beachcomber Sweater (Men)(K)
  133. Buttercup Cardigan Set (Women)(C)
  134. Cardigan With Wooden Buttons (Women)(C)
  135. Cranberry Tweed Pullover (Men)(K)
  136. Cardigan (Women)(C)
  137. Embossed Rectangle Tunic (Women) (K)
  138. Fair Isle Sunset (Men)(K)
  139. Grape Twin-Textured Cardigan (Women)(C)
  140. Jewel-Tone Cropped Sweater (Women)(C)
  141. Lace Pullover (Women)(K)
  142. Lacy Delight (Women)(C)
  143. Lacy Tunic (Women)(C)
  144. Men's Tweed Pullover (Men)(K)
  145. Picot Cardigan (Women)(C)
  146. Saddle Shoulder Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  147. Spring Colors Top (Women)(C)
  148. Girl From Auntie Poncho Sweater (Woman)(K)
  149. Girl From Auntie Trumpet Sweater (Woman)(K)
  150. Groovy Crochet's Kimono Coat (Women)(C)
  151. Holli Yeoh's Devan (Toddler)(K)
  152. Jamie Cook's Saity (Women)(K)
  153. Jenna Wilson's Banf (Women)(K)
  154. Jillian Moreno's Bella (Women)(K)
  155. Jillian Moreno's Boo (Child)(K)
  156. Jillian Moreno's Boo, too (Women)(K)
  157. Judy Nemish's Easy Cropped Pullover (Adult)(K)
  158. Julia Rees' V necked Cardigan (Preemie)(K)
  159. Karen Almond's Earth, Wind, and Fire (Adult)(K)
  160. Karen Almond's Pearls and Lace (Adult)(K)
  161. Karen Stockton's Kyoto (Women)(K)
  162. Kate Wisson's Anticipation (Women)(K)
  163. Kate Wisson's Beach (Women)(K)
  164. Kate Wisson's Cheesylove (Women)(K)
  165. Kerrie Rycroft's Joseph (Child)(K)
  166. Knit 'N Style's Sweater with Bobbles (Women)(K)
  167. Aran sweater (Women)(K)
  168. Unisex Pullover Irish Knit (Adult)(K)
  169. Knitwit's Heaven's The Ultimate Quick and Easy Baby Sweater (Baby)(K)
  170. K.R. Wisson's Topsecret (Women)(K)
  171. Kristi Porter's A Dynamic Duo (Child)(K)
  172. Kristi Porter's Haiku (Toddler)(K)
  173. Kristi Porter's Leo (Men)(K)
  174. Kristi Porter's Sonnet (Women)(K)
  175. Leigh Radford's Indian Summer Jacket (Women)(K)
  176. Leigh Spencer's Accordian (Women)(K)
  177. Lillian Jarmie's Ocean Cardigan (Women)(C)
  178. Liz Seymour's Celtic Knot Sweater (Women)(K)
  179. Liz Seymour's Silk Tweed Sweater (Women)(K)
  180. Lynda's Wrapped Cardigan (Women)(C)
  181. Lion Brand's American Flag Sweater (Women)(K)
  182. Lion Brand's Anchor Pullover (Child)(K)
  183. Lion Brand's Aran Cardigan (Women)(K)
  184. Lion Brand's Big Easy Sweater (Women)(C)
  185. Lion Brand's Blocks and Stripes Pullover (Child)(K)
  186. Lion Brand's Bright and Breezy Reversible Cardigan (Women)(K)
  187. Lion Brand's Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  188. Lion Brand's Cape Cod Unisex Pullover (Adult)(K)
  189. Lion Brand's Chevron Pullover (Women)(K)
  190. Lion Brand's Classic Fisherman Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  191. Lion Brand's Color Block Sweater (Women)(K)
  192. Lion Brand's Cotton Thick and Quick Hooded Sweatshirt (Adult&Child)(K)
  193. Lion Brand's Counting Sheep Sweater and Hat (Child)(K)
  194. Lion Brand's Country Check Pullover (Men)(K)
  195. Lion Brand's Cropped Cardigan (Women)(K)
  196. Lion Brand's Diamond Lace Tunic (Women)(C)
  197. Lion Brand's Earthtone Unisex Cardigan (Adult)(K)
  198. Lion Brand's Easy Hooded Pullover (Child)(K)
  199. Lion Brand's Easy-to-Imagine-Sweater (Women)(K)
  200. Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool Aran Pullover (Women)(K)
  201. Lion Brand's Flattering Jacket (Women)(C)
  202. Lion Brand's Hooded Sweater Jacket (Child)(K)
  203. Lion Brand's Kimono Layette Set (Baby)(K)
  204. Lion Brand's Luxe Faux-Zebra Jacket (Women)(K)
  205. Lion Brand's Maternity Top (Women)(K)
  206. Lion Brand's Mock Turtleneck Pullover (Men)(K)
  207. Lion Brand's One Stitch Sweater (Baby)(K)
  208. Lion Brand's Open Work Tunic (Women)(K)
  209. Lion Brand's Pinwheel Lace Cardigan (Women)(C)
  210. Lion Brand's Popcorn Pullover (Child)(C)
  211. Lion Brand's Raglan Pullover (Adult&Child)(K)
  212. Lion Brand's Shaker Stitch Pullover and Beret (Child)(C)
  213. Lion Brand's Strawberry Patch Sweater and Cap (Child)(K)
  214. Lion Brand's Striped Cardigan (Child)(K)
  215. Lion Brand's Striped Pullover (Child)(K)
  216. Lion Brand's Stripes and Bobbles Cardigan (Child)(K)
  217. Lion Brand's Then and Now Jacket (Women)(K)
  218. Lion Brand's Turtleneck (Women)(K)
  219. Lion Brand's V-Neck Sweater (Women)(K)
  220. Lucia Liljegren's Dog Sweater Generator (Dog)(K)
  221. Mango Moon's 3D Rose Jacket (Women)(C)
  222. Mango Moon's Basic Cardigan Pattern (Women)(K)
  223. Mango Moon's Belted Wrap (Women)(K)
  224. Mango Moon's Boat Neck Top (Women)(K)
  225. Mango Moon's Boxy Cardigan (Women)(K)
  226. Mango Moon's Cowl Neck Top (Women)(K)
  227. Mango Moon's Crew Neck (Women)(K)
  228. Mango Moon's Fringed Coat (Women)(K)
  229. Mango Moon's Neru Cardigan Pattern (Women)(K)
  230. Mango Moon's Shawl Collar (Women)(K)
  231. Marcia Walton's V-Stitch Pullover (Men)(C)
  232. Margaret Hubert's Very Easy Child's Sweater and Hat (Child)(K)
  233. Mary Jo Prinsen's Grid Pattern Sweater (Baby)(C)
  234. Melissa Lim's Marc (Woman)(K)
  235. Chanel Inspired Tweed Jacket (Women)(C)
  236. Nancy Salcedo's Fur Collar Pullover (Women)(K)
  237. Nancy Walsh's Flashy Lace (Women)(K)
  238. Natalie Wilson's childHood (Child)(K)
  239. Natalie Wilson's Colorlines (Women)(K)
  240. Natalie Wilson's Sprout (Women)(K)
  241. Natalie Wilson's Tilt (Women)(K)
  242. Nicky Epstein's Cable & Garter Pullover (Women)(K)
  243. Nancy Salcedo's Man's Lattice Sweater (Men)(K)
  244. Nancy Salcedo's Very Easy, Very Quick Pullover (Women)(K)
  245. Pam D'Alessandro's Sweaters For Dolls (Doll)(C)
  246. Rachelle King's Giraffe (Women)(K)Rebecca Hatcher's Bpt (Women)(K)
  247. Rebecca Hatcher's Grecian Plait (Women)(K)
  248. 2-part Sweater (Women)(K)
  249. Pale Gray Ribbed Sweater (Women)(K)
  250. Sweater with Eyelet Pattern (Women)(K)
  251. Shetha Nolke's Anniversary Sweater (Men)(K)
  252. Shirley Paden's Interlocking Cables (Women)(K)
  253. Song Palmese's Lite Brite (Women)(K)
  254. Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Daisy (Baby)(K)
  255. Sullivan's Baby Jacket (Baby)(K)
  256. Sullivans Crew Neck Jumper (Adult)(K)
  257. Sullivans Fairisle Jacket (Child)(K)
  258. Sullivans Hooded Jacket (Girls)(K)
  259. Sullivans Jumper (Men)(K)
  260. Sullivans Jumper (Women)(K)
  261. Sullivans Ladies Jacket (Women)(K)
  262. Sullivans Ladies Long Coat (Women)(K)
  263. Sullivans Polo Neck Jumper (Women)(K)
  264. Sullivans Striped Jumper & Hat (Child)(K)
  265. Sullivans Toddler Jacket (Toddler)(K)
  266. Susan H Esser's Ribbon Stitch Pullover (Women)(K)
  267. Susana Winter's Chunky Moss Green Sweater (Women)(K)
  268. The Girl From Auntie Trumpet Sweater Pattern (Women)(K)
  269. Color Dot Cardigan (Women)(K)
  270. Fair Isle Tunic (Women)(K)
  271. Floral Pullover (Women)(K)
  272. Lacy Fans Cardigan (Women)(C)
  273. Nordic Cardigan (Girl)(K)
  274. Rose Cardigan (Women)(K)
  275. Serape Pullover (Women)(K)
  276. Summery Cardigan (Women)(K)
  277. Wendy D Johnson's Baby Norgi (Baby)(K)
  278. Véronik Avery's Zigzag (Women)(K)
  279. Vintage Knits 1904 Doll Sweater (Doll)(K)
  280. Vintage Knits "Heraldic" Lion Sweater (Adult)(K)
  281. Yarn Foward Bomber Jacket (Men)(K)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sweater Hunt!

I have received a few requests for Free Sweater Patterns links, so I decided to go on another link hunt. There are tons of free sweater patterns out there, so I imagine this one will take a while to complete. If you have any favorite links, feel free to send them in. Any help is totally appreciated. I started going through some of the sites I have bookmarked that offer free patterns, and I already have 42 links. This list is going to be a whopper folks! I'll probably start posting the links tomorrow and just add them as I find.

Image Hosted by

Still no project pics, so I'll give you another picture of my baby. She's wondering (supervised of course she is an inside cat) through a clover patch in the back yard of our house back in VA. Doesn't that just melt ya!?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I finished something!

I finally finished Ribby! I wish that I could show you a picture, but my mom hasn't seen it yet. She is visiting on November 3 or 4, and I plan on having her model it for you. Now I'll be focusing on the Fair Isle Bag. Hopefully that won't take a long time to complete.

Since I don't have a picture of my knitting to show you, I'll just show you a very cute picture of Zoe when she was a kitten. I had this basket out on the floor, and she crawled in it and fell asleep. She looked so cute I had to run and grab the camera.

Image Hosted by

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Mail Man Cometh

And he brought me this....

Image Hosted by

Isn't it pretty! It's so pretty it gets a frame! That is twenty balls of Dale of Norway Kolibri. It's 100% Merconized Egyptian Cotton DK weight yummy yum yum yarn! I love the way it feels, and I can tell that it is going to be a pleasure to knit with. Do you have any idea how hard it is going to be to not start a project with this stuff right now!? I'm going to have to lock it up somewhere until after I get my Christmas knitting done! Must stay focused....

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Work work work

All work and no knitting make Stacie an unhappy girl. I have been working so hard lately I can barely stay awake when I get home. That's why you haven't heard from me in a couple of days. I've just been too tired to blog.

My grandmother liked her scarf so much she bought some more yarn for another one. This one is going to be her Christmas scarf. If you mouse over the image you can get a close up of what this yarn looks like.

It's pretty neat stuff don't ya think? Hot Stuff yarn for a Hot Stuff Grandma! I was considering doing a yarn over pattern, but I decided against it. Honestly you don't need to do anything special with this yarn, and it still looks great. Sometimes life just calls for some good old mindless knitting. I plan on casting 20 stitches on size 9 needles just like the last yarn. It was the same type as this, but it didn't have the little sparkly bits.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Yarn Glorious Yarn!

Did I mention that I have yarn on the brain?? I'm not sure. I can't quite remember cause I have yarn on the brain. Did I mention yarn? Ok ok I'll stop. Haha! Well I did not resist temptation. Not in the slightest little bit. Do I feel guilty? Nope! I bet you want to know what I bought. All will be revealed with the arrival of the post man. A girls gotta have some blog material you know. I will say that I am very proud of my bargain finding skills.

My husband has recently justified another yarn shopping expedition. He wants me to make him the Basket Weave Pullover from the Fall 2004 Interweave Knits.

Image Hosted by

It is made with Patons Classic Wool which is pretty inexpensive. He's not too keen on the idea of handwashing it however. Actually he kinda groaned when I said it. He's just not a hand washing kind of guy.  I'm not really an hand washing kind of girl either. I'm currently looking for acceptable substitutes, and I'm seriously considering using Patons Canadiana. It is the same weight as the Classic, it is machine washable, and it comes in great colors. I have no problem at all using acrylic yarn. Especially if it is a good quality acrylic. I would love to hear any feedback you have on this yarn.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Man oh man did my grandma get alot of compliments on the last post. Thanks from both of us! We're gonna have a hard time getting her head through the door. I thought about having a "Guess Her Age" contest, but she would kill me DEAD. Haha!

I have this urge coming over me. I am trying to fight it but it is so hard. Every time I look at my computer I think, "There is yarn in there!" Yarn glorious yarn all over the internet just waiting for me to buy buy buy! So I say I'll just search a little. You know, just shop around some. I'm just looking right? It can't hurt to look right??? My poor husband just shakes his head as I blather on about this deal and that deal. He truely could care less. His main comment on the situation, "You are completely addicted to yarn!" They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Nah!! In other news, I finished Ribby. I just have to sew up the shoulders. I'm too tired to bother with that right now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Spice Scarf

As promised here is a picture of my grandma showing off her new scarf. You can click on the image for a larger view. Don't adjust your set folks. You are seeing right. That is my grandma. And before you ask, noooo I'm not ten years old. She's a hotty don't you think?? I'm just hope and pray that I have a large portion of her genes.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Moving Right Along

I actually got some work done on Ribby today. Are you amazed? I am! So far I have completed the back and the right front. All I have to do after that is the left side of the front and the seaming. I should have it done tomorrow. I'm going to be giving it to my mom next month, so I'll be able to post pictures of it then.

After Ribby I am going to finish that Fair Isle Bag. I can't believe how long it has taken me to finish these projects. Unfortunately, I don't get but about an hour or so a day to knit because of all the other stuff I have going on in my life. Some days I'm lucky to get in an hour. Today I was off, and I didn't clean my house so that I could get some knitting done. I can actually be productive when I put my mind to it. On top of all the work I did on Ribby, I made two swatches for future projects.

Something seems to be wrong with the links to Groovy Crochet. As some of you may know, the pages are accessed through an internet archive site. The actual Groovy Crochet site has been closed down for quite some time. Maybe there is something going on with this archive site. I have no clue. I'm going to leave the links up anyway, because it may be right back to normal soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I finished the Spice scarf during my knitting group on Saturday. The scarf itself is 5ft long, and I put 6 inch long fringes on it. I think it is a good length for a dressy scarf, since it isn't necessary to wrap it more than once. It isn't going to be used for warmth, not where we live. Now if the hussy will hurry up and come home, I'll be posting pictures soon. (Hi Grandmommy, yes I just called you a hussy now come home and get your scarf! Heehee!)

After I finished the scarf I worked on the Fair Isle Bag for the rest of the time. I wanted to work on Ribby, but I left one of my needles at home. I wasn't complaining. I really enjoy working on it. Noone can believe that I am planning on giving it away, but I don't mind not keeping it. This is one of those projects that I really wanted to make, but I knew I would never actually use it. I know for a fact that the recipient will use it, and I know she will be very appreciative. I'll just make sure to take some good pictures of it.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thread Bears

Andrea wrote:

It sounds like you had a blast. We have wanted to go there for I definately want to go to Epcot! Off the topic... Do you know anywhere I can get a free pattern for crocheting a thread teddybear? I know they sell patterns on E-bay. Or does anyone have a Sept 2003 Crochet! they could share with me. That had a pattern for a thread bear scarf clip. I have been trying to get a back copy to no avail. Thanks

Hi there Andrea,

It isn't off topic to talk about crochet patterns. I crochet, make jewelry, paint, spin, etc. Feel free to talk or ask about any craft you want to here. I did a google search for Thread Teddy Bear Patterns, but I had a hard time finding free patterns. I did find a website where you can join a Bear of the Month Club, sign up for a free Thread Bear pattern, and also buy Thread Bear patterns and kits. I have never bought anything from them, so I can't vouch for them at all. Click Here to check them out.

You can't really "share" magazines (as in making copies) due to copyright laws, but if I run across anyone that has one for sale, donation, trade, etc. I will definitely let ya know :) Pleaaaaaaaaaaase take no offense. I'm not saying that is what you want to do, I just thought I should throw that out there before someone else did. It tends to be a touchy subject.

I hope that this helps you out a little. I'm sorry I didn't find that much. I guess the Google Gods weren't smiling upon me tonight. Haha! As for Epcot, you really ought to go. I truely did have an absolute blast, and I'd go every single week if could.

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

I haven't posted pictures in a while, so I thought I would show you one of my babies.
If you look close, you can see that she has one blue eye and one yellow eye.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Fun fun fun!

I had a blast on Tuesday. Rob, The Spice Scarf, and I all went to Epcot and Disney together! I did some major KIPing (for those of you that might not know that is Knitting in Public). I knit in France, China, Japan, Morroco, and Italy. I'm an international knitter now! I never got bored waiting in the lines. I did get a few strange looks, but I'm used to that! Haha!

I want to tell you. I absolutely loved Epcot! The food is incredible and the shops are wonderful. We had lunch in China and desert in a pastry shop in France. After desert in France we decided that we needed more desert! We went over to Italy and bought a funnel cake. Can you believe that Rob had never eaten one before?? I was shocked. I wanted to eat something in every country, but I don't know if my stomach could hold it all!

In France we went into one of the perfume shops. They had the most amazing smelling perfumes. My absolute favorite is called L'instant Guerlain. I sprayed some on my wrists at about 2:30pm and I could still smell it after my shower at 11:30pm. In Morocco one of the shop attendants had us sample some Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water. They smelled so good! She told us that in Morocco they greet their guests by pouring Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water onto their hands. I would love to be greeted that way. Wouldn't you? I bought both from the shop, but they met an awful fate. Rob accidentally left my bag on the monorail and someone snatched it right up. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Can you believe my luck? We told the people at the monorail right after it happened, and they checked for it on the next stop. Someone had already taken it.

I pouted for a few minutes and then we went over to Disney World. You can't stay pouty for long when you are in Disney World. We had a excellent time riding the rides like two little kids. We even went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. It is such a cute ride. It's like one big video game where you shoot at targets and acquire points. I would like to let you all know that I whooped Rob's butt! I think that ride and the teacups were my favorite rides in the Disney Park.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Emma wrote:

Hello- first time here. I can't stand it, what is "Ribby"? A sleeveless top of some kind? I'm always looking for those. I live in hot steamy FL and am always looking for sleeveless knits. Yes, we've been running from hurricaines all summer too.

Hi Emma,

Yes Ribby is a sleevless top. I bought and downloaded the pattern from Chicknits. They have several patterns to buy, and they also have some free patterns as well. For more summer tops you can also click on "Free Summer Tops Links" over there on the left. I hope this helps :)

Also, Holly posted some links for Easy Lace Capelet and Easy Poofy Capelet. Thanks Holly! You rock!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Simple Scarf??

This was supposed to be a simple scarf right? Well what was I thinking. Nothing I do can ever be so simple. I started out by casting on 20 stitches on size 9 needles. I got about 9 inches into the scarf, set my knitting down, dropped a stitch or two or three, and then couldn't find them to pick them up! This yarn is really neat but it is really hard to find dropped stitches. I don't recommend it for beginners.

I cast on 20 stitches again and start knitting. After about six inches I realize that I am totally not liking the color pattern the yarn is making. Guess what I did. Yep, I ripped it out. This time I decide that I was only going to cast on 15 stitches. Well that took care of the color pattern, and I thought that I would like the new width.

Wrong! After knitting about 2 feet of this scarf I decided that it was way too skinny. I definitely liked the width of 20 stitches compared to 15, so I ripped again. This is a simple scarf right?? At this point I decided to cast on 20 stitches but start at a different color point in the yarn. This fixed my color pattern problem, and I have now completed 30 inches.

What a simple little project. Hahaha! That's ok though. My grandmother had to go out of town, so I have time to keep making all of these mistakes. However, I truely hope I won't make another.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I've been a baaaaaaad girl!

You remember how I said that I would only work on Ribby until it was finished. Welllllllllllllllllllllll, I got a little side tracked. I'm sick I tell ya! Sick! It is for a good cause though. I promise. My grandma has done so much for me and I wanted to do something for her. She's been wanting a fancy scarf to wear when she goes out, so I decided to make her one before she heads down to Key West.  My husband and I went to the LYS and he helped me pick out one of those pretty novelty yarns. We decided on a yarn called Spice. It's 100% Nylon, made in Italy, and distributed by Knitting Fever.  I'll post pictures right after I give it to her. I should be finished with it tomorrow.

Friday, October 01, 2004


I have been working a lot the last couple of days, so I haven't been able to do much knitting/crocheting. I really need to get on the ball. Do you think they would mind at work if I asked for a month or so off to make Christmas presents? Naaaaaaaah! Of course they wouldn't mind. I am off tomorrow and I plan to finish Ribby if it kills me. Then I will work on the Fair Isle Bag. Once I have finished the Fair Isle Bag, I will work on Eeyore. I haven't decided what project is coming after that. It will more than likely be my sister's hat and scarf. I don't know how I am going to finish all of this in time for Christmas. Heeeeeeeeeelp!!