Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wish Marco luck...

Better yet wish us both luck. I just took my baby boy to the vet where he is, as I like to say, parting ways with his fuzzy dice. Needless to say, I'm not talking about the ones you hang on the rear view mirror. Mr. Esquandoles just so happens to be the sweetest cat the world ever did see, and I am a total bundle of worried momma nerves right now. A true testament to his sweetness, is the fact that when I walked in the bathroom and saw this...

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the only reactions were hysterical laughter and a photo. I mean come on, that's a pretty impressive mess right there. Don't ya think? Yes folks, he is truly a unique and special little flower, and as if you had any doubt of that by now...

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Yep that's my boy! As you can imagine, the house is unusually quiet at the moment. There are no screaming sisters. STOP TOUCHING ME!!. There are no sounds of falling objects, which is probably the biggest indicator of his absence. If you hear a crash, it usually has his name on it.

Me: Did you hear that? What was that?
Rob: I have a pretty good idea what it was, and it begins with an "Es" and ends with a "Quandoles".

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