Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Work work work :)

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I haven't been able to touch my 2x2 socks lately. The good news is, I haven't been able to touch my 2x2 socks lately. Hahaha! Ok that is confusing. It is good news, because I have been so busy working I haven't had time for them. Yay! The good news is actually that I have a job. I got the job teaching beading, knitting and crocheting. They also gave me hours this week for inventory. The last two days I have been paid to stock yarn and organize pattern books. Um is that work? I was loving it!

In my free time I have been knitting squares to go on a picture board in the classroom. I want the students to be able to see what certain stitches look like. I'm going to have it go from simple stitches like the garter stitch to more complicated stitches like cables or lacey patterns. I started on the simple stitches first, so I've been doing some mindless knitting while watching television or reading. It is so relaxing just to zone out. Once I get my squares done, I'm going to get those socks finished. I think after that I'll cast on ChicKami using the yarn Janette gave me. One thing I really like about this pattern is that it's worked in the round. That means no sewing! I know how to finish. I am perfectly capable of doing it, but I don't really like it. Do you?