Friday, October 08, 2004

Fun fun fun!

I had a blast on Tuesday. Rob, The Spice Scarf, and I all went to Epcot and Disney together! I did some major KIPing (for those of you that might not know that is Knitting in Public). I knit in France, China, Japan, Morroco, and Italy. I'm an international knitter now! I never got bored waiting in the lines. I did get a few strange looks, but I'm used to that! Haha!

I want to tell you. I absolutely loved Epcot! The food is incredible and the shops are wonderful. We had lunch in China and desert in a pastry shop in France. After desert in France we decided that we needed more desert! We went over to Italy and bought a funnel cake. Can you believe that Rob had never eaten one before?? I was shocked. I wanted to eat something in every country, but I don't know if my stomach could hold it all!

In France we went into one of the perfume shops. They had the most amazing smelling perfumes. My absolute favorite is called L'instant Guerlain. I sprayed some on my wrists at about 2:30pm and I could still smell it after my shower at 11:30pm. In Morocco one of the shop attendants had us sample some Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water. They smelled so good! She told us that in Morocco they greet their guests by pouring Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water onto their hands. I would love to be greeted that way. Wouldn't you? I bought both from the shop, but they met an awful fate. Rob accidentally left my bag on the monorail and someone snatched it right up. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Can you believe my luck? We told the people at the monorail right after it happened, and they checked for it on the next stop. Someone had already taken it.

I pouted for a few minutes and then we went over to Disney World. You can't stay pouty for long when you are in Disney World. We had a excellent time riding the rides like two little kids. We even went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. It is such a cute ride. It's like one big video game where you shoot at targets and acquire points. I would like to let you all know that I whooped Rob's butt! I think that ride and the teacups were my favorite rides in the Disney Park.