Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good News and Bad News

Before I tell you the news, I want to tell you about the poll results. Baby Clothes won by a landslide! There are literally hundreds of baby clothes patterns online, so I'm not going to post every one I come across. It's still going to be a pretty large list of links, no worries.

Now for the good news. I always liked good news first. I got my replacement battery in the mail! It works great and I can take pictures again. First and foremost I owe you a picture of me and my pretty blue shawl. Don't think I have forgotten. Hard to forget something so beautiful especially since I curl up with it almost every night.

And now we have the bad news. I CAN'T FIND THE STUPID CORD TO MY CAMERA!! You know the one you have to have in order to put the pictures ON THE COMPUTER! Yeah that thing. It's gone. Of course it's gone. But in the famous words of my husband, "It's around here somewhere." The hunt is on people. The hunt is on!