Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So What Have I Been Up To?

I have been on what I fondly call "Pee Patrol". That means running out the door in a second's notice with a very heavy Great Dane puppy held in outstretched arms. I forgot how much work (and how messy) puppies are!! I think I had puppy amnesia. My husband spread out a blue plastic camping tarp in our den and placed boxes and suitcases strategically to create the "puppy corral". Let me tell you, that is a real good look. Ha ha! Thankfully, it saves the carpet, and I credit him with an awesome idea.

So between Pee Patrol, working on the house and work, I stay pretty busy. I haven't even picked up my needles since we moved here except when teaching a class. No wait, I did pick up the crochet hook to make those tutorials. Soooo that means the only thing I have to show you are pictures of Hunter! Surprise surprise! And because I'm a sucker for slide shows, here ya go...