Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yay Spring Knitty!!

The Spring Knitty is up, and it reminds me that I really need to make some knitting friends or join a knitting group. I miss flipping through the pages of magazines/books and snickering or ooohing and aaahhing over the patterns. So then I said to myself, "Self, why don't you just oooh and aahhh a little on your blog." Yeah yeah I talk to myself, but at least I don't answer. Well not loud enough for anyone to hear me anyway <wink> Man oh man I need to get out more...

Tahoe is a cute cardigan, but the best thing about it is the yarn! It's knit with Debbie Bliss Cathay, a cotton, microfiber and silk blend, which has long been on the list of yarns I would love to knit with. Gooooood choice by the designer!

I love the ribbing on Ribena! What a fun and easy way to dress up a sweater. I think it would look great with long sleeves as well. We also have another great yarn choice with this sweater. I haven't knit with Tencel yet, but it has peaked my curiousity. According to, "Tencel is made from wood pulp cellulose and drapes and feels like silk". Pretty cool, eh.

I love how the cable runs down the front of Torque and the collar and hem are split. The yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend which makes me wonder if Cotton Ease would be a good substitute. Let's face it when you have a stash of cotton ease like I do, you wonder that about everything.

Last but not least is Bauble. It combines my two favorite thing, knitting and beading, and it is GORGEOUS! Don't be surprised if you see one of these show up on the blog. Sure, I do have a lot of things going on, but this wouldn't take that long to knit. I think any woman in your circle of friends and family would LOVE to be gifted with one of these.

So many patterns, so few hands. I need to figure out how to knit in my sleep. That is just so much time going to waste every single night!

PS. Marco says...

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Hi there! Mommy has been knitting, and I am helping as much possible. She doesn't seem to appreciate it very much, and I don't understand that at all. She told me to tell you that tan thingy is growing and she was going to take a picture,but I wanted her to take my picture. I'm way cuter than that stupid tan thingy. Don't ya think!