Monday, September 25, 2006

What I've Been Up To Part 1

Last week wasn't a good week for blogging. Between going out of town and losing my internet, I was unable to post much. Once I got my internet back, I had to catch up on a work. I work from home, and the internet is my connection to the office. This makes it a little difficult to work without it. So as far as what I have been up to with crafts... I am halfway through a scarf for a display for my knitting class, six inches into another scarf for a knitting class display, finished with Ab Fab (fringe???), started knitting another throw, and helped (in my own way) my husband build my yarn shelves!! Here are a couple of pictures withe more to come...

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Here is Rob working on my shelves! See how I am helping by documenting the event. I'm such a hard worker.

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This is the throw I am working on. I never thought that I would actually knit throws,but I really enjoyed knitting Ab Fab with my beautiful ebony knitting needles (really enhances the experience), and so I started on another as a gift. More pictures will be coming soon..