Monday, August 07, 2006

While You Were Out (Of Your Mind)

You ever watch that show? Besides the fact that Andrew is so good looking I am quite often distracted, I love the show! I watch it every time I come across it while channel flipping. Rob and I have been starring in our own version of the show, and I think the modified title suits us a little better. I managed to beat off the plague in time for his return home, and in one day we painted the entire living room with it's cathedral ceiling, a huge dresser, book shelf, and mirror. We also hung the art work and tapestries in the newly painted room, and now I can unpack the eleventy million boxes of books stacked in there. Oh I almost forgot, I did a distressed finish on the frame of a Monet print for our bedroom. We have 4 rooms and 3 peices of furniture left to paint, a table to build, cushions to sew, more pictures to hang, and a whole lotta clean up. In my free time (hahahahaha), I have been working on some of the finishing touches for our bedroom. Here is a sneak peak...

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Stay tuned for the next episode coming to a blog near you!