Saturday, July 24, 2004

Summer Tops

Daring Diva Halter by Marnie Maclean (k)
Evening Diamonds by Marnie Maclean (k)
Faux-Fur Halter from Knitty (k)
Garnets and Pearls by Marnie Maclean (k)
Glenna from Berroco (k)
Grey Top from Circulo (C)
Halter Top from The Nuthouse (c)
Halterneck from The Nuthouse (k)
Hiroko from Berroco (k)
Honeymoon Cami from Knitty (k)
Irene from Berroco (k)
Jenna from Berroco (k)
Jewelled Shell from Knitty (k)
June from Berroco (k)
Katia Portofino from (k)
Lace Tank Top from (k)
Leah from Berroco (k)
Lilith from Berroco (k)
Luella from Berroco (k)
Marla from Berroco (k)
Marsha from Berroco (k)
Meg from Berroco (k)
Mariah Top by Marija Spasojevic (C)
Nina by Berroco (k)
Off the Shoulder Top from Circulo (k)
Paulina by Berroco (k)
Rib and Cable Tank from Estelle (k)
Ribbon Sweater from Rebecca pdf (k)
Riso Cardigan from Lana Grossa pdf (k)
Sassy Stripes from MagKnits (k)
Shapely Tank from White Lies (k)
Shell from Crystal Palace (k)
Shimmering Slip On from Craftown (k)
Sigma Tank from Knitty (k)
Silk Cardigan and Top from Lana Grossa pdf (k)
Sophistication from Circulo (c)
Spring Fling Tank from Blue Blog (k)
Square Top from Glampyre (k)
Summer Net Shell from Crystal Palace (k)
T3 from Knitty (k)
Tank of Many Colors from Berroco (k)
Textured Sleeveless Top from (k)
Tina by Berroco (k)
Top with Ribbon Sheen from Rebecca pdf (k)
T strap top from Crystal Palace (k)
UCan2 Shell from Chicknits (k)
Very Cherry & Cherry Twist from Knitty (k)
Waikiki Peplum Vest from Crystal Palace (k)