Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another One

First of all I would like to say Happy Chanukah!! to all of my Jewish friends :) I had a pretty decent time at work today. Actually work kinda stunk(I can't wait for the holidays to be over!!), but afterward was great. A friend of mine that I work with has wanted to learn to knit for quite some time, but she has always been working during my classes. Today we both got off at 4pm, so we decided to have a private lesson in the break room. I have taught a lot of people to knit, and I can usually tell after the first few rows if the person gets it or not. Some people are just naturals, and some have a really hard time wrapping their head around the whole concept. There are the ones that turn to stone when they get the needles in their hands, and there are people that freak out when they can't get it right immediately. For the stone people I say, "Knitting has been described as "The New Yoga", now would you do yoga like this?(insert me doing very stiff movements with clinched teeth and a strained look on my face. Silly but it gets the point across) That doesn't look very relaxing does it? Now take a deep breath, shake your hands out, and lets try again." For the ones freaking out I usually say,"Remember this is supposed to be fun! You aren't knitting to save a life or knitting to solve world hunger. The cure to all the known diseases is not on your shoulders! Relax and have fun :)" Both of these little speeches usually get chuckles and tend to do the trick. I have also been known to bribe a few with chocolate heehee! I didn't have to give any of my speeches today. She was an excellent student and such a fast learner. I have to say she is one of the naturals, and I am happy to announce that I have bagged us another one folks!! Yay Kimberly! Welcome to the fold!