Sunday, February 29, 2004

Needle Case

I have been busy the past couple of days working on a case for my knitting needles. I am making one that will hold sizes 0-19, and I am designing the pattern myself. It took quite a bit of time and a lot of measuring to get all of the pockets for the needles the perfect size. If it turns out good I can probably sell them. I have seen ones that hold less needles go for 30-40 dollars. Maybe I could make some up. take them around to my local yarn shops, and see what they say. It couldn't hurt to try right? Well I'm sorry this is so short, but I really want to get this thing finished. I will add a picture of it as soon as it is finished. Until next time...

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Finished the hat!

As you can see I finished the hat. At first I wanted to make the hat entirely from fun fur because that is what my mom had requested. But when I finished it, it looked like a wig! I didn't think that was exactly what my mom had in mind when she asked for the hat. So even though I had already frogged the hat once and started over, I decided to go ahead and frog it again. Then I decided that it would look really nice with just a fuzzy rim. I love the result! What a cute hat! It is going to look awesome with the scarf I made her. I just wish that I had finished it for her while it was still cold enough to wear a scarf and hat. She really liked the hat, and it fit her perfectly. That makes me happy happy happy! Yay!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

*&#@! FUzzy Hat!!

Had to frog the hat! Grrrrrrrrrr!! Eyelash yarn can be a big fat pain in the butt! Especially black eyelash yarn. You can hardly even see your dropped stitches. Well I dropped a couple grr and they just ran and ran. I couldn't see through all the fur to fix em. Well I'm sure If I tried really hard I could have fixed it. Instead I kinda lost my temper a little bit and frogged the whole bloody thing! Hmmmm that redhead temper gets the best of me sometimes. Well now I'm an inch into the hat, and I have five more to go before I start decreasing. I am not setting this thing down in the middle of a row again. You can bet your patooty on that!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More of the fuzzy...

Still working on the eyelash hat. I don't really get alot of time to knit so it is taking much longer than it would usually take. Zoe of course ended up snuggling the hat. She really loves this yarn. I need to hurry up and get her eyelash blanket finished. You know it will really be funny if I finish this blanket and she doesn't have anything to do with it. If that happens I'll just turn it into a scarf and she'll want it! Haha!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Fuzzy Hat

I am working on the eyelash hat for my mom. She will be here by Thursday, and I'm sure it will be done by then. I know that the weather doesn't really call for hats much anymore, but she'll at least have it for next year. I know I have been slacking in the picture department. It has just been hard getting back in the swing of things with the move. I'm still trying to get unpacked. I will at least get a picture of the finished hat on here. Right now I'm lucky to get the time to post

Friday, February 20, 2004


I went to the wildest yarn shop today! My husband and I have been exploring the area and checking out all the local yarn shops we can find. This place is by far the most interesting shop I have ever seen. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in. The shop was packed with yarn, and I mean PACKED with yarn. It is a very small shop to begin with, I guess it is about 10' x 20', and there is just a small path through the mounds of yarn that goes to the back of the store. Two people are unable to walk side by side on this path. The yarn is in clear bags and piled all over the floor. I have never seen anything like it. I had to wait outside the shop until the two people shopping came out so I could actually make it to the back. The place literally looks like someone backed a dump truck full of yarn up to the door and just let it all pour in. I had the strongest urge just to dive into the pile. It seems to me that the owner has a serious yarn addiction and just keeps buying and buying reguardless if anyone is buying it from her or not. I told my husband it is like those old ladies you hear about on the news that have eighty or more cats in a small house. Well At least she is addicted to yarn and not cats. There really isn't any harm in it unless she drowns in it or gets buried. The next time I go there I am going to bring a camara. Hopefully she'll let me take a picture so you can check it out.

Brittany Shortage (no not that Brittany)

There seems to be a Brittany Birch needle shortage everywhere I go. My old LYS had them on backorder, and now my new LYS has them backordered too. Two yarn shops in two different states with the same dillema. Go figure. I did manage to buy two more pairs of needles: a size 7 and a size 10. The owner took my name and number so she can call me when the sizes I need come in. I think I am four or five pairs away from a full 14 inch set. I am going to make a needle roll for them out of the material that my mom used to make a skirt for me when I was a kid. That way I get to keep it as a memory and actually use it.

I also bought two size 0 Crystal Palace circular needles so that I can make some socks! I want to learn the two socks on two circulars method using Queen Kahuna's Crazy Heels and Toes. I have some Opal yarn in my stash that is dying to be used. I know my husband would love for me to knit some. For now I really need to get crackin on my mom's hat. She'll be here in a few days. I can't wait to see her! Well it's time for bed. I have a full day of unpacking tomorrow. Yay!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

My new LYS

My husband and I are going to take a trip to a yarn shop that is close to where we live. I'm so glad that I found one nearby. To tell you the truth it was one of my priorities. I had a yarn shop found before I ever set up the electricity. I am planning on buying the remainder of my Brittany Birch needles if they have them there. I haven't really had a chance to knit lately. All we have been doing is unpacking, arranging stuff, and cleaning. We do take some time out to go and get to know the area. I can't wait to go to the lys tomorrow!

As you know, I taught my mom how to crochet a couple of weeks before I left. She is now on her second baby blanket. That makes me really proud. I wish that I had taught her how to crochet sooner so that we could have done it together more. She is coming to visit pretty soon and I am planning on giving her a few more lessons while she is here. I didn't have time to teach her everything before so I just taught her how to make a granny square. That was the first thing that I ever learned. So like I said, I plan to teach her more when she comes to visit. She wants to learn how to read patterns. That shouldn't be hard at all because all you need to know to read patterns is what the abbreviations stand for.

I wanted to add pictures in here, but I have no clue where my camara is right now. I don't have any new finished projects to show, but I have a few works in progress that I could share. I really need to get my mom's hat done before she comes to visit. That way I won't have to spend money to have it shipped. The more money I save the more I can spend on yarn and needles right?? Hahaha!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

All moved in

We are all moved in and the place is a wreck right now. The cats are running room to room climbing all of the boxes. It is crazy here. We are going to go out tomorrow and get a cell phone. Right now I am dead tired and only concerned about getting the bed put together and going to sleep. I have had maybe 8 hours of sleep in four days. I'm not exagerating. I will post more later.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

time's about up

Well my time here is about up. We head out early Saturday morning. Think of all the knitting I will get done on a 12-14 hour drive. I won't be posting again on here until Monday. I should have my internet all set up by then. I have so much to do in the next two days it is unbelievable. Must go to bed. See you soon...

Monday, February 09, 2004

No time to knit!

I have been so busy packing and cleaning that I have absolutely no time to knit. I did manage to get some work done on my small oragami bag at my mother-in-law's house today. We were going to make a roll for my Brittany Birch needles but we were both too tired. Heck I can barely keep my eyes open typing this right now. Once we get all settled in at the new place I will write more than just a couple of times a week. Right now I need to carry my butt to bed. Maybe I'll dream of knitting since I can't do it in real life right now. haha! Nite!

Friday, February 06, 2004

Good Book!

I love the library! My library has the best books! I just checked out Stitch and Bitch, and I think it is really freakin' cool! I couldn't believe I was reading about the knitting message board that I am on, the websites that I always visit, or the blog rings which I am a part of. I felt like the generation gap was officially closed. Without a doubt, this is not your grandma's knitting book. The patterns are modern, and fun, and the overall tone is very fresh. It is definately a book the younger generation of knitters like myself can enjoy and relate to. Not that older knitters wouldn't enjoy it too....oh you know what I mean. I am definately adding it to my library.

Thursday, February 05, 2004


Don't you love helping other people out when they are stumped on projects. I have two dear friends that I have known since the sixth grade(they are more like family than friends), and I went to see them last night so we could all visit before the move. We got to talking about my job as a knitting/crocheting teacher, and Bobby tells me his wife has been stumped on a project for a couple of years. She was working on an American Flag afghan for her sister, and couldn't figure out how to do the stars. This afghan is HUGE. She has done a great job on it, and it looks beautiful. Her sister is anxiously waiting to get it, so I had to help her get it done. I found a pattern for a crocheted star online and showed her how to make one. Now her project can finally be finished, and that makes me happy! Yay! I'm going to see if she will take a picture of it, so I can post it on here. It really is beautiful.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I want it!!

I totally want the pattern to this afghan. Actually I would love to buy the kit but I can't afford it. I think that it is so pretty. I want to change the colors a bit so that it will match my living room. I have knit many things but never an afghan. I think this pattern would be a perfect way to start. Sadly I havent knit anything at all in the last couple of days. As you can see from the countdown I have going, the move is rapidly approaching. Between work and packing I barely have time to sleep. I don't know if I posted about this already, but I found a yarn shop close to where we are moving. I have already called and talked to the shop owner. She sounds great. She told me to come on in as soon as I get moved. I said, "I sure will as soon as I get settled in." She says, "Don't wait till then. Come here as soon as you get moved in so you can sit, knit, and relax with us." I like her already.