Monday, July 10, 2006

Chip 'N For Dale

This is a letter I recently received from members of my knitting group back in Orlando regarding one of our members, Dale. I can honestly tell you that Dale is one of the nicest women I have ever met in my life. She is kind, considerate, and an incredible Wife and Mother. I plan to donate, and I will try to knit her a pair of socks by the time she is released. I have the yarn picked out already, so now I will attempt to actually knit them between chasing after a new puppy. (Yes he is home! I will post pictures very soon. As you can imagine, things have been crazy)

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On June 23, 2006, Orlando area resident, knitter and spinner, Dale Jarrett, left for Houston, Texas to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Read about her journey here!

In an effort to help Dale with the expenses she will incur, we, as members of the Orlando Area Knitters and Spinners, have started a fundraiser. Beginning July 3, 2006 through August 2, 2006, a knitting or spinning related prize will be offered on our blog: The day after the fundraiser closes, those who have made a donation will be eligible to win those daily prizes. For every $5 (US) donated, you will be eligible for one chance at terrific prizes! The first name drawn will receive the prize from Day 1, etc. Please check the blog daily for a picture and description of the prize offered and to check the daily tally!

When Dale is released from the hospital, a gift basket chock full of socks, hats and slippers knit with prayers and good wishes from the Orlando Area Knitters and Spinners, along with the Pay Pal check card, will be sent to her in Houston.

The knitting community is a giving one; a perk of their generosity, is the prizes.

Thank you.
Jackie & Janette

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