Friday, March 16, 2007

In Memory of Dale: Wonderful Wife, Mother and Friend

My dear friend, Dale, passed away today.  Dale was the very first person to reach out to me when I moved to Florida 4 years ago.  She sent me an email, after reading one of my posts on the Knitlist, inviting me to go to her knitting group.  She was such a blessing to me in a time of great loneliness, and I will be forever grateful for her.  My life was just one of many touched by this incredible woman.  She was kind to everyone she ever met, and made me feel at home when I was so very homesick.  If I had to sum Dale up in one word it would have to be, Mom.  I will always remember her as an incredible mother.  If you spent any amount of time with her, it was so obvious that she adored her children.  I think my tears today are mostly for them, and I will pray for their comfort. 

I will never forget you Dale. I will always remember how much of a friend you were to me; how you loved the color pink; and every time I see a butterfly, I will think of you.  Until we meet again...


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