Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Can't Catch A Break!!!

My stupid cord for my stupid laptop is broken, so unless Rob is home I can't use it!!! He came home today, so I was able to order a new one. That thing better come soon!!! In other news, I woke up to some very sad family news this morning. No need to bring the blog down with the details. Now for some happy news...

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My wonderful, awesome, incredible, amazing, super duper husband built me my shelves!! Now if there are any recyclers/freecyclers reading, you will love this. The dresser it is sitting on was a hand me down from my mom which I believe was handed down to her. I repainted it the yummy chocolate brown and Rob replaced the drawer knobs. The shelf is built entirely from wood scraps from a friends home renovations. The whole thing cost about 20 bucks!!! Do you notice that it is color coordinated, aside from the bottom left shelf that is all sock and lace weight? Is it crazy that I enjoyed doing that?? Do you think I might like blue??