Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Obsession for Knitters

One of my many obsessions as a knitter is collecting knitting books and magazines, and I especially love the older ones.It is so much fun to see how styles change throughout the years, and how some remain timeless. A couple of years ago, Monica sent me some very cool vintage magazines and patterns. I got the biggest kick out of the advertisements that were in the magazines. Girdle anyone? Hair tonic?

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Just the other day, I got an email from her asking if I would like her old Vogue Knitting magazines. Yes my friends, Monica rocks! They arrived today, and I spent the evening flipping through the pages and putting them in order. Yay!! Fun fact about me: My entire house could be wrecked, but you can bet I have my books in alphabetical order, magazines in chronological order, and my yarn organized by color. It's a whole lot more fun that dusting! Thank you Monica for making my evening so much fun and adding to my collection!