Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Eve Eve

Have you ever been so sick that your eyelids hurt? Man I just hate the aches that come along with a cold/flu. Fortunately I am past all of that and have now moved on to feeling like my head is full of cotton. Oh the joys of a head cold! I don't really have a lot of knitting progress to report unfortunately. For some reason, I just haven't been up to knitting. I can't imagine why.

Actually I did fire off a garter stitch Fun Fur scarf after work yesterday as a Secret Santa gift. When She opens it up, it won't be a secret who I am anymore. I don't have a picture of the scarf unfortunately since I did this at work. If you ever want to make a present that flies right off the needles, grab two balls of fun fur, size 15 needles, cast on 20 stitches, and knit away. You will have a scarf in no time. It only took me about three hours to make a five foot long scarf. I knit continental since I wasn't concerned with gauge, and it increased my speed dramatically.

Speaking of scarves, I have 20 inches left on my sister's scarf, and I only have four days to finish it. She will be arriving here on Tuesday!!! She and my mom decided to come down here to see me before Lexie had to go back to school. I'm so excited! My initial excitement did, however, turn to panic when I realized that my house was a disaster, and I still have TWENTY INCHES LEFT on her scarf! Thankfully Rob is out of school. He may not be able to help me knit, but he sure can clean.

Thanks to everyone that wished me well. When your eyelids hurt it is nice to know that great people are out there thinking about you :) I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve (if you don't celebrate Christmas have a wonderful evening) .  May one thousand Christmas Elves descend upon your homes to wrap presents and clean while you are sleeping. Oh yeah and may they lock up when they leave.