Sunday, July 08, 2007

He's crafty and he's just my type...

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Nope you aren't seeing things. That is my husband scrapbooking. We went to a craft store the other during a big sale. Rob came up to me carrying this big scrapbook, and said, "I want to get this so I can finally get all of our pictures out of that box." I was like, "You want to scrapbook? Like in a scrapbook? With scrapbooky things?" He then emphatically denies that it is a scrapbooking project that he is going to undertake, until I point out that you can't just slide the the pictures in. You have to get card stock, and glue, and pens, and they have to be acid free, and yes Rob you are scrapbooking because these are the things scrapbookers buy. So Rob embraces the scrapbooking nature of this project, and we begin to pick out supplies. Let me just say that I know NOTHING about scrapbooking, so it was like the blind leading the blind. (I was reminded of a blog entry that I once read, that had me crossing my legs from laughing so hard) We were finally rescued by an employee, who helped us pick out the bare minimum, because this was after all, a manly scrapbooking venture and heaven forbid anything too scrapbooky gets put in there. He got all of his goodies home, turned on some music, made himself a drink cause he is a man and this is how manly men scrapbook , and proceeded to take over the dining room table.

We have a metric ton of pictures, so I'm guessing this is going to take a while. But no matter, he really is doing an excellent job so far, and I can't want to see it completed. I just love a crafty man, and he's mine all mine!