Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fair Warning

My laptop died and now Rob's is dying. I can't explain it any better than this excerpt from

"On a number of Inspiron 5150's, a design flaw has been found due to the positioning of a tab on the C panel on the underside of the laptop. Any pressure applied to the top left hand corner of the laptop causes this tab to be pressed against the motherboard and in particular the "LVC14A" chip. This causes the solder between this chip and the motherboard to be broken. This causes sudden shut downs of the system due to any movement of the laptop and in certain cases for the laptop to not boot at all. Later models of the 5150 have been redesigned to avoid this problem. On some models it has been noted that the tab has been manually snapped off the C panel by hand during the manufacturing process."

So basically even though the cord is plugged in, it's not charging the battery. I can tell Rob's is starting to go because the screen is blinking. That's the same thing that happened to my laptop. Soooo considering that brand new pilots make peanuts, I don't see a new computer in our near future. This means that once this thing goes, I may be gone for a while.

Knitting Content YAY!

I have finished about 8 inches of Ariann. This is a fun knit! It has a pattern that is easy to memorize, but keeps you interested. I was swatching for Nantucket, and rediscovered some great yarn in my stash, Austerman Caprice (40% Superkid Mohair/ 35% Acrylic/ 15% Nylon/ 10% Wool). It didn't work for Nantucket because it's too fuzzy from the mohair content, and the pattern is lost. I decided that it would work great with a simple sweater pattern. I didn't want a raglan, so I opted for Klaralund. Although this pattern is usually knit with the self striping Noro, I think it will look beautiful with this yarn. So far I have finished the back the back knit, and I'm working on the front :) I hope to have pictures soon, but I'm busy backing up my hardrive. I hope to see you soon!

PS. I hope you all had lovely holidays! Just for giggles, I thought I would share a video of my two kitties with what they consider the BESTEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!

Zoe and Kayne say, "Thanks Nana!!" If you can't see the videos on this page click here and here.