Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Seriously, I can't win for losing...

I have family coming for Thanksgiving. Now don't get me wrong, I am beyond happy about that. So happy in fact, that I cried when I heard the news. Family coming equals a mad rush to get the house "company ready". (Now had I been listening to the Flylady, I wouldn't be in this predicament) We still have a kitchen to paint, and lots of little things to do like buy a table to eat on. Yeaaaah, little things. Hah!

Anyways, we went out the other night to buy new dishes and do some other shopping. When we got home, Rob propped up his golf clubs and began to help me put stuff away. All the sudden we heard a loud crash in the living room. His golf bag had fallen and broke the glass to the little table by the front door. Doh! That's strike one.

Today the long awaited pictures I ordered for my kitchen arrived. I open up the package only to find that one of the prints wasn't cropped like it was supposed to be, and the other one has dings and scratches all over the frame. Strike two!

I email the company that I bought the pictures from, they say tell me all they need is a picture of the damage and mistake and they will fix it no problem. Guess what! Oh come on you can guess it....The *&$%!!@* camera cord has a short in it or my camera is broken. Point being, I can't get any pictures off of my camera!! STRIKE THREE!!!

Mix all thoses strikes in with an eye that hasn't stopped twitching for nearly two months, two brothers in Iraq, and NO HUSBAND for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home and you get a pretty ticked off Stacie. So with all that in mind, I think I should take a deep breath and look on the bright side. Hmm where did I leave that bright side? Oh here it is...

1. The table that broke was a freebie that we got nearly ten years ago. It's a sad loss, but at least I didn't pay for it. I think I can move on.

2. The pictures may have been all messed up, but I can at least pick the paint color for the kitchen finally. Also, the company is being very cooperative. That's a big plus.

3. In the grand scheme of things a broken camera is really not that big of a deal. Minus that whole twitchy eye thing, I still have my health.

4. Maybe the constant eye twitching is somehow burning enough calories to justify a piece of dark chocolate everyday. Yeah that's the ticket!

5. I have no doubt in my mind that both of my brothers will come home safe. I refuse to entertain the thought of any other outcome. We have lots of people (thank you) praying for them!

6. I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world! Missing him makes me realize just how much I love him. I have all the Thanksgivings and Christmases of my life to spend with him.

Ok so maybe I can win from losing :)