Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ooooooh yeah....

I forgot to tell you about the new online knitting magazine called Spun. Now this isn't your ordinary knitting mag. Let me put it to you this way, amongst the free patterns in their first issue is a great pattern for some fuzzy restraints courtesy of The Stitch Diva! That's right you heard me, restraints heehee! Too cool! Other features include a Q&A called IMHO that is, in their own words, "not for the faint of heart", Foodings which includes some yummy tofu recipes, and String where you can buy some fiber related goodies. Go check it out if you dare! Muhahaha!

I also forgot to share this link with you. Go ahead and check it out. I'll wait. Did you ever think you would see a pattern like that in your life??? I got one of those good old fashioned belly laughs out of that one. Thumbs up to the designer for originality. I may just have make one of those just 'cause.

Finally, I can't let another day go by without showing you the pictures Janette sent me the other day.

Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at
Warning: Studies have shown that staring at Sophie too long may cause cavaties.


Suprise 1 and 2 winter patterns are now up at Knitty. Go check them out.