Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Magic Scarf That Ceased To Be

So here I am talking on the phone to Janette and trying on the magic scarf.

Me: Oh Janette this is sooooo cute! She's gonna love it.
Janette: That's great!
Me: Ooooooh let me try it on like a hood!
Janette: How does it look?
Me: Oh wow this is sooooo cute! Now I'm gonna make it a dress!
Janette: laughing
Me: Oh this is too funny! She's gonna get a kick out of this. Hey wait what is that?
Janette: What?
Me: Oh darn I just found a dropped stitch.
Janette: Uh Oh get a crochet hook
Me: No worries I got it. Hey! Wait! There are more dropped stitches!! What the heck is going on???

Well the conversation kind of deteriates from there as I find numerous dropped stitches. The culprit? All the tugging and pulling you do to change the scarf into it's various stages pulled out the ends where I added the new balls of yarn. I didn't tie a knot when I did this. I just wove in the ends which is what I always do.

I decided the only thing left to do is rip it all. It was just too big of a mess to fix. This is fun fur we are dealing with here. I then find that I wove in my bind off end so well that it can no longer be found. Usually I would not be complaining about this. What does a highly irritated knitter do when she can't find the darn end to start ripping?

She grabs the scissors! That's right folks I cut the whole bleepin bind off edge off! That'll teach this stupid scarf! Hah! Take that! I must say that it was pretty satisfying to hack away at this flippin' thing, but it sure did make a mess! So in the course of let's say 15 minutes I went from a modeling session with this super cute magic scarf to this....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So what is the moral of this story?? Tie knots in this stupid stuff when you add a new ball of yarn. Tie knots and tie 'em tight!  Knots! Knots! Knots! Hahaha! How can I laugh at a time like this? I'm laughing to keep from crying!