Thursday, October 28, 2004

Free Sweater Links

Ok here is my list so far. It is no where near done. As before, I have no affiliation with any of the sites and probably have not researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located. Just like my poncho list, I'll be adding them as I find them. If you see a link I don't have, you can leave it in comments. Any help is totally appreciated. Enjoy!

  1. Alison Hansel's Rosebud (Women)(K)
  2. Amy R Singer and Theresa Vinson Stenersen's Sweetness (Women)(K)
  3. Amy Swenson's Janda (Women)(K)
  4. Amy Swenson's Rosedale (Women)(K)
  5. Annie Modesitt's C3 (Women)(K)
  6. Auntie M's "Emily" Baby Sweater (Baby)(C)
  7. Barbara Breiter's Chevron Pullover (Women)(K)
  8. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 2 (Child)(K)
  9. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 4 (Child)(K)
  10. Barbara Breiter's Child's Sweater-Size 6 (Child)(K)
  11. Barbara Breiter's Deep V-Neck Cardigan (Women) (K)
  12. Barbara Breiter's Lacy Bed Jacket (Women)(K)
  13. Barbara Breiter's Man's Cabled Pullover (Men)(K)
  14. Barbara Breiter's Man's Mosaic Pullover (Men)(K)
  15. Barbara Breiter's Man's Mosaic Pullover II (Men)(K)
  16. Barbara Breiter's Shawl Collar Cardigan (Women)(K)
  17. Barbara Breiter's Two Color Cardigan (Women)(K)
  18. Berroco's Adele (Women)(K)
  19. Berroco's Andra (Woman)(K)
  20. Berroco's Bella (Women)(K)
  21. Berroco's Carlotta (Women)(K)
  22. Berroco's Celine (Women)(K)
  23. Berroco's Charlize (Women)(K)
  24. Berroco's Ciara (Women)(K)
  25. Berroco's Cynthia (Women)(K)
  26. Berroco's Dale (Women)(K)
  27. Berroco's Donna (Women)(K)
  28. Berroco's Eleanor (Women)(K)
  29. Berroco's Ellen (Women)(K)
  30. Berroco's Emily (Women)(K)
  31. Berroco's Estelle (Women)(K)
  32. Berroco's Flag Sweater (Women)(K)
  33. Berroco's Fonie (Women)(K)
  34. Berroco's Gloria (Women)(K)
  35. Berroco's Inez (Women)(K)
  36. Berroco's Ingrid (Women)(K)
  37. Berroco's Jacquline (Women)(K)
  38. Berroco's Jessica Henley (Woman)(K)
  39. Berroco's Katie (Women)(K)
  40. Berroco's Kendra (Women)(K)
  41. Berroco's Kimberly (Women)(K)
  42. Berroco's Lola (Women)(K)
  43. Berroco's Lucy Lu (Women)(K)
  44. Berroco's Luisa (Women)(K)
  45. Berroco's Mariel (Women)(K)
  46. Berroco's Marlo (Women)(K)
  47. Berroco's Mary Jane (Women)(K)
  48. Berroco's Maura (Women)(K)
  49. Berroco's Meryl (Women)(K)
  50. Berroco's Moira (Women)(K)
  51. Berroco's Naomi (Women)(K)
  52. Berroco's Nuala (Women)(K)
  53. Berroco's Olivia (Women)(K)
  54. Berroco's Pamela (Women)(K)
  55. Berroco's Pearl (Women)(K)
  56. Berroco's Risa (Women)(K)
  57. Berroco's Sandy (Women)(K)
  58. Berroco's Sarah Beth (Women)(K)
  59. Berroco's Selma (Women)(K)
  60. Berroco's Sheila (Women)(K)
  61. Berroco's Sheri (Women)(K)
  62. Berroco's Sidney (Women)(K)
  63. Berroco's Suzette (Women)(K)
  64. Berroco's Tammy (Women)(K)
  65. Berroco's Tanya (Women)(K)
  66. Berroco's Tatania (Women)(K)
  67. Berroco's Tessa (Women)(K)
  68. Berroco's Trudy (Women)(K)
  69. Berroco's Winona (Women)(K)
  70. Berroco's Vanessa (Women)(K)
  71. Berroco's Veronique (Women)(K)
  72. Berroco's Zena (Women)(K)
  73. Bevs Country Cottage 5 Hour Baby Sweater (Baby)(K)
  74. Another Crocheted Sweater (Women)(C)
  75. Crocheted Sweater (Women)(K)
  76. Knitted Variation (Women)(K)
  77. Blue Blog's Rosebud (Women)(K)
  78. Blue Blog's Tricot (Women)(K)
  79. Bonne Marie Burns' 3timesChic (Women)(K)
  80. Bonnie Marie Burns' Sitcom Chic (Women)(K)
  81. Bonne Marie Burns's Sitcom Chic (Women) (K)
  82. Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff's Tigger (Chid)(K)
  83. Bubamara's Navy-blue Cardigan (Women)(C)
  84. Baby Jacket (Baby)(K)
  85. Child's Hoody (Child)(K)
  86. Hugs and Kisses Cardigan (Women)(K)
  87. Pullover with Hood (Child)(K)
  88. Caryn Law's Tweedy Double Moss Stitch Sweater (Women)(K)
  89. Carol Sulcoski's Petrol (Men)(K)
  90. Caron's Simply Brites Sweater (Women)(C)
  91. Caron's Split-Collar Pullover (Women)(K)
  92. Cher Riley's Dog Sweater With Contrasting Collar (Dog)(K)
  93. Coats & Clark Denim Shell Pullover (Women)(C)
  94. Coats & Clark Patty Cakes Cardigan & Hat (Baby)(K)
  95. Coats & Clark Primary Colors Sweater (Child)(K)
  96. Coats & Clark Crayon Stripes Sweater (Child)(C)
  97. Coats & Clark Cuddly Cardigan (baby)(K)
  98. Coats & Clark Just Right Sweater (Child)(C)
  99. Coats & Clark Sassy Stripes Sweater (Women)(K)
  100. Colleen's Crew Neck Pullover (Women)(K)
  101. Craft Yarn Council Yellow Duckling Child's Pullover Sweater (Child)(K)
  102. Craft Yarn Council Baby's First Sweater (Baby)(K)
  103. Craft Yarn Council Black & White Pullover (Women)(K)
  104. Craft Yarn Council Cable Turtleneck (Women)(K)
  105. Craft Yarn Council Cardigan Jacket (Women)(K)
  106. Craft Yarn Council Fisherman Pullover (Men)(C)
  107. Craft Yarn Council Of America Springtime Cardigan (Women)(K)
  108. Craft Yarn Council Quck & Easy Garter Stitch Top (Women)(K)
  109. Craft Yarn Council Shrug (Women)(C)
  110. Craft Yarn Council Shrug (Women)(K)
  111. Craft Yarn Council Tulips Pullover Sweater (Women)(K)
  112. Craft Yarn Council Warm and Wonderful Cardigan (Women)(K)
  113. Craftown's Easy pullover (Women)(K)
  114. Dog or Cat Sweater Pattern (Dog/Cat)(C)
  115. Crystal Palace Big Net Brioche Cowl Pullover (Women)(K)
  116. Crystal Palace Big Collar Oversized Pullover (Women)(K)
  117. Crystal Palace Chenille / Waikiki Pullover (Women)(K)
  118. Crystal Palace Choo-Choo Striped Pullover (Women)(K)
  119. Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Cables and Bobbles (Women)(K)
  120. Crystal Palace "Fluff" Merino Frappe Cowl Pullover (Women)(K)
  121. Crystal Palace Iceland Lattice Pullover (Women)(K)
  122. Crystal Palace Musique Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  123. Crystal Palace Textured Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt (Women)(K)
  124. Deb White's Disoriented Express (Women)(K)
  125. Debbie Bliss' Simply Marilyn (Women)(K)
  126. Denny Kelly's Baby Set (Preemie)(K)
  127. Denny Kelly's Cardigan (Preemie)(K)
  128. Denny Kelly's Heather Premature Baby Jacket (Preemie)(K)
  129. Esther Smith Bozak's Custom Fit Dog Sweater (Dog)(K)
  130. Flory Loughead's Aran Jumper (Adult)(K)
  131. Flory Loughead's V-neck Pullover in the Round (Adult)(K)
  132. Beachcomber Sweater (Men)(K)
  133. Buttercup Cardigan Set (Women)(C)
  134. Cardigan With Wooden Buttons (Women)(C)
  135. Cranberry Tweed Pullover (Men)(K)
  136. Cardigan (Women)(C)
  137. Embossed Rectangle Tunic (Women) (K)
  138. Fair Isle Sunset (Men)(K)
  139. Grape Twin-Textured Cardigan (Women)(C)
  140. Jewel-Tone Cropped Sweater (Women)(C)
  141. Lace Pullover (Women)(K)
  142. Lacy Delight (Women)(C)
  143. Lacy Tunic (Women)(C)
  144. Men's Tweed Pullover (Men)(K)
  145. Picot Cardigan (Women)(C)
  146. Saddle Shoulder Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  147. Spring Colors Top (Women)(C)
  148. Girl From Auntie Poncho Sweater (Woman)(K)
  149. Girl From Auntie Trumpet Sweater (Woman)(K)
  150. Groovy Crochet's Kimono Coat (Women)(C)
  151. Holli Yeoh's Devan (Toddler)(K)
  152. Jamie Cook's Saity (Women)(K)
  153. Jenna Wilson's Banf (Women)(K)
  154. Jillian Moreno's Bella (Women)(K)
  155. Jillian Moreno's Boo (Child)(K)
  156. Jillian Moreno's Boo, too (Women)(K)
  157. Judy Nemish's Easy Cropped Pullover (Adult)(K)
  158. Julia Rees' V necked Cardigan (Preemie)(K)
  159. Karen Almond's Earth, Wind, and Fire (Adult)(K)
  160. Karen Almond's Pearls and Lace (Adult)(K)
  161. Karen Stockton's Kyoto (Women)(K)
  162. Kate Wisson's Anticipation (Women)(K)
  163. Kate Wisson's Beach (Women)(K)
  164. Kate Wisson's Cheesylove (Women)(K)
  165. Kerrie Rycroft's Joseph (Child)(K)
  166. Knit 'N Style's Sweater with Bobbles (Women)(K)
  167. Aran sweater (Women)(K)
  168. Unisex Pullover Irish Knit (Adult)(K)
  169. Knitwit's Heaven's The Ultimate Quick and Easy Baby Sweater (Baby)(K)
  170. K.R. Wisson's Topsecret (Women)(K)
  171. Kristi Porter's A Dynamic Duo (Child)(K)
  172. Kristi Porter's Haiku (Toddler)(K)
  173. Kristi Porter's Leo (Men)(K)
  174. Kristi Porter's Sonnet (Women)(K)
  175. Leigh Radford's Indian Summer Jacket (Women)(K)
  176. Leigh Spencer's Accordian (Women)(K)
  177. Lillian Jarmie's Ocean Cardigan (Women)(C)
  178. Liz Seymour's Celtic Knot Sweater (Women)(K)
  179. Liz Seymour's Silk Tweed Sweater (Women)(K)
  180. Lynda's Wrapped Cardigan (Women)(C)
  181. Lion Brand's American Flag Sweater (Women)(K)
  182. Lion Brand's Anchor Pullover (Child)(K)
  183. Lion Brand's Aran Cardigan (Women)(K)
  184. Lion Brand's Big Easy Sweater (Women)(C)
  185. Lion Brand's Blocks and Stripes Pullover (Child)(K)
  186. Lion Brand's Bright and Breezy Reversible Cardigan (Women)(K)
  187. Lion Brand's Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  188. Lion Brand's Cape Cod Unisex Pullover (Adult)(K)
  189. Lion Brand's Chevron Pullover (Women)(K)
  190. Lion Brand's Classic Fisherman Cable Pullover (Women)(K)
  191. Lion Brand's Color Block Sweater (Women)(K)
  192. Lion Brand's Cotton Thick and Quick Hooded Sweatshirt (Adult&Child)(K)
  193. Lion Brand's Counting Sheep Sweater and Hat (Child)(K)
  194. Lion Brand's Country Check Pullover (Men)(K)
  195. Lion Brand's Cropped Cardigan (Women)(K)
  196. Lion Brand's Diamond Lace Tunic (Women)(C)
  197. Lion Brand's Earthtone Unisex Cardigan (Adult)(K)
  198. Lion Brand's Easy Hooded Pullover (Child)(K)
  199. Lion Brand's Easy-to-Imagine-Sweater (Women)(K)
  200. Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool Aran Pullover (Women)(K)
  201. Lion Brand's Flattering Jacket (Women)(C)
  202. Lion Brand's Hooded Sweater Jacket (Child)(K)
  203. Lion Brand's Kimono Layette Set (Baby)(K)
  204. Lion Brand's Luxe Faux-Zebra Jacket (Women)(K)
  205. Lion Brand's Maternity Top (Women)(K)
  206. Lion Brand's Mock Turtleneck Pullover (Men)(K)
  207. Lion Brand's One Stitch Sweater (Baby)(K)
  208. Lion Brand's Open Work Tunic (Women)(K)
  209. Lion Brand's Pinwheel Lace Cardigan (Women)(C)
  210. Lion Brand's Popcorn Pullover (Child)(C)
  211. Lion Brand's Raglan Pullover (Adult&Child)(K)
  212. Lion Brand's Shaker Stitch Pullover and Beret (Child)(C)
  213. Lion Brand's Strawberry Patch Sweater and Cap (Child)(K)
  214. Lion Brand's Striped Cardigan (Child)(K)
  215. Lion Brand's Striped Pullover (Child)(K)
  216. Lion Brand's Stripes and Bobbles Cardigan (Child)(K)
  217. Lion Brand's Then and Now Jacket (Women)(K)
  218. Lion Brand's Turtleneck (Women)(K)
  219. Lion Brand's V-Neck Sweater (Women)(K)
  220. Lucia Liljegren's Dog Sweater Generator (Dog)(K)
  221. Mango Moon's 3D Rose Jacket (Women)(C)
  222. Mango Moon's Basic Cardigan Pattern (Women)(K)
  223. Mango Moon's Belted Wrap (Women)(K)
  224. Mango Moon's Boat Neck Top (Women)(K)
  225. Mango Moon's Boxy Cardigan (Women)(K)
  226. Mango Moon's Cowl Neck Top (Women)(K)
  227. Mango Moon's Crew Neck (Women)(K)
  228. Mango Moon's Fringed Coat (Women)(K)
  229. Mango Moon's Neru Cardigan Pattern (Women)(K)
  230. Mango Moon's Shawl Collar (Women)(K)
  231. Marcia Walton's V-Stitch Pullover (Men)(C)
  232. Margaret Hubert's Very Easy Child's Sweater and Hat (Child)(K)
  233. Mary Jo Prinsen's Grid Pattern Sweater (Baby)(C)
  234. Melissa Lim's Marc (Woman)(K)
  235. Chanel Inspired Tweed Jacket (Women)(C)
  236. Nancy Salcedo's Fur Collar Pullover (Women)(K)
  237. Nancy Walsh's Flashy Lace (Women)(K)
  238. Natalie Wilson's childHood (Child)(K)
  239. Natalie Wilson's Colorlines (Women)(K)
  240. Natalie Wilson's Sprout (Women)(K)
  241. Natalie Wilson's Tilt (Women)(K)
  242. Nicky Epstein's Cable & Garter Pullover (Women)(K)
  243. Nancy Salcedo's Man's Lattice Sweater (Men)(K)
  244. Nancy Salcedo's Very Easy, Very Quick Pullover (Women)(K)
  245. Pam D'Alessandro's Sweaters For Dolls (Doll)(C)
  246. Rachelle King's Giraffe (Women)(K)Rebecca Hatcher's Bpt (Women)(K)
  247. Rebecca Hatcher's Grecian Plait (Women)(K)
  248. 2-part Sweater (Women)(K)
  249. Pale Gray Ribbed Sweater (Women)(K)
  250. Sweater with Eyelet Pattern (Women)(K)
  251. Shetha Nolke's Anniversary Sweater (Men)(K)
  252. Shirley Paden's Interlocking Cables (Women)(K)
  253. Song Palmese's Lite Brite (Women)(K)
  254. Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Daisy (Baby)(K)
  255. Sullivan's Baby Jacket (Baby)(K)
  256. Sullivans Crew Neck Jumper (Adult)(K)
  257. Sullivans Fairisle Jacket (Child)(K)
  258. Sullivans Hooded Jacket (Girls)(K)
  259. Sullivans Jumper (Men)(K)
  260. Sullivans Jumper (Women)(K)
  261. Sullivans Ladies Jacket (Women)(K)
  262. Sullivans Ladies Long Coat (Women)(K)
  263. Sullivans Polo Neck Jumper (Women)(K)
  264. Sullivans Striped Jumper & Hat (Child)(K)
  265. Sullivans Toddler Jacket (Toddler)(K)
  266. Susan H Esser's Ribbon Stitch Pullover (Women)(K)
  267. Susana Winter's Chunky Moss Green Sweater (Women)(K)
  268. The Girl From Auntie Trumpet Sweater Pattern (Women)(K)
  269. Color Dot Cardigan (Women)(K)
  270. Fair Isle Tunic (Women)(K)
  271. Floral Pullover (Women)(K)
  272. Lacy Fans Cardigan (Women)(C)
  273. Nordic Cardigan (Girl)(K)
  274. Rose Cardigan (Women)(K)
  275. Serape Pullover (Women)(K)
  276. Summery Cardigan (Women)(K)
  277. Wendy D Johnson's Baby Norgi (Baby)(K)
  278. VĂ©ronik Avery's Zigzag (Women)(K)
  279. Vintage Knits 1904 Doll Sweater (Doll)(K)
  280. Vintage Knits "Heraldic" Lion Sweater (Adult)(K)
  281. Yarn Foward Bomber Jacket (Men)(K)