Thursday, February 10, 2005

Very Quick Post

Just a quick post tonight. Today was my day off, and it was quite full as usual. This has become one of those fall asleep at your keyboard kind of nights. I tell you one thing, I wasn't falling asleep during  The Grudge! Scaaaarrrrrrrrry! Maybe that's why I'm so tired. Jumping, shreaking, grabbing Rob and burying my head in his chest takes a lot out of you! A good friend of mine sent me a link to some fiber realted artwok she found on the net. It is called Crochet Hook, and I thought that you all might be interested in seeing it. Here's the link.

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I didn't want this entry to be pictureless, so I thought I would share a picture of Frasier and Gwynn with you. When I used to volunteer at a No-Kill Cat Shelter, we took care of a feral cat colony in the area. We would trap them so that we could get them their shots and spay/nueter them. These two beauties were born in that colony. I trapped them when they were just babies, and I kept them at my house to tame them so that they could be placed in a good home. Aren't that gorgeous!