Friday, September 14, 2007

So much going on...

I have so much going on that I have very little time to blog. I cast on for the Origami Cardi from IK. I am using a different stitch pattern for the edgings. I've been working,playing with horsies, taking care of my zoo, working out almost every night, helping a friend with a website, and on and on and on. Marco was just diagnosed with asthma, so I've been dealing with that, poor baby :( My knitting classes have picked back up again, so that's one less free night a week. It's no wonder that I'm up at 3am blogging. When else do I have time?? I'm just going to stop sleeping. Who needs it! For now here is a slide show with some random pictures. I hope to get back soon with a better entry. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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