Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Welcome to my new blog. Feel free to take off your shoes and stay a while. You'll find a few changes have been made (for the better), but for the most part it remains the same. All the links, free patterns, and tutorials are floatin' around. I am working on the whole entry notification issue. I have a couple of options I am exploring. In the meantime, I'll just post to the old blog whenver I post here. If you click the button below you can update your bloglines subscription to the new blog.

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I think moving my blog was more work than any physical move I have ever made. I had to move every single entry. One. At. A. Time. This took for-ev-er. I think it was all worth it though. I also knew that I would risk losing readers and bloglines subscribers by making this move, but my quality of blog life is so much better with blogger. You'll notice one great feature (that will make navigating my blog so much easier) is the labels. I love the labels! I went label crazy. It greatly appeals to my OCD :)

Please let me know what you think about my new place, positive or negative. I really hope you end up liking it as much as I do.

Just for fun here is my break up note from the old blog...

Dear John,

I am leaving you. I know we have been together for more than 3 years, and you were my very first blog experience.  I know that when I typed my first words to the internets it was through you.  I am also very aware of the fact that I have met so many wonderful people because of you, and yes you did introduce me to my new boss.  For all these things I am grateful, but I am still leaving. To be honest, I have been wooed by another blog host. One that understands my needs so much more than you seem to.  How many times did I ask for my pictures to show up on bloglines?  Could you do that for me? Nooooooo.  Well, my new blog host shows my full entry with pictures. It also lets me change the fonts and colors with a click of a button. The imageshack toolbar drag and drop feature actually works.  I can label my posts, and the page element feature has made managing my side bar so much easier.   And you know how you insist on that banner up there? My new bloghost doesn't do that. I know you'll probably bring up the fact that it doesn't have entry notifications like you do, but that is something I'm willing to have to live with.  I hope that we can remain friends because I do love you. I'm just not in love with you.

All My Best,

PS: You'll find that I have taken all the links and tutorials with me. I think I got everything, but if you happen to find anything could you please send it to my new address...