Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I have been adding and adding to the Free Bag Links list. There are now 134 links, and I still have a bunch more to add. It's amazing isn't it! The amount of free patterns on the internet simply blows me away. Even though I make these free pattern lists, I still urge you to support the wonderful designers out there and buy patterns as well. I know I'm developing quite a library. For great bag patterns I highly recommend Folk Bags. I would love to knit each and every bag in that book! So far I have only made one. Remember the Origami Bag?

I bet you are wondering how Shedir is doing. Well I was knitting along when I thought to myself, "Hey this thing is going to be way too long! Argh!" So I bit the bullet and started tinking (I love this term. Whoever thought of it is so clever!) back until I was down to five inches. I think that if I start the decreases now it will be fine. If not, I'll just rip the darn thing down and try again. Everyone that knows me well, is usually amazed at the patience I have when it comes to knitting. Let me just say that patience is not my strong point in life ;)

Once I finish Shedir (I hope it will be soon Vicki. Man I wish days were 48 hours instead of 24!) I am going to start on a ribbed tank. I got ten skeins of Berroco's Cotton Twist for my birthday, and I am anxious to start it. The pattern I am using is from 1000 Sweaters. If you haven't see this book, you are missing out. I think that it is incredible. You pick the body of the sweater and then you can pick from various options of necklines, sleeves, and pockets. Every pattern in the book calls for a DK weight yarn which is about all I have in my stash. Maybe if I get started on this tank soon, I'll get it finished before spring 2008!