Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I am having camera issues. My battery no longer charges and now my stinking ac adapter has a short in it or something. Now I can't even plug the darn thing in to take pictures. If I could, I would show that I am halfway finished with my Lacey ChicKami. Insert mental image here. Haha! I am currently trying to track down a replacement battery which isn't easy or very affordable. It is at least a bit more affordable than buying a whole new camera. Hopefully I will remedy this situation very soon. What is a knitting blog without pictures?

Well there are always the links :) That is one thing I can do that is very helpful, and doesn't take a camera. What I want to know is what links would you like to have next? The holidays are rapidly approaching and I'm sure that there is something you are looking for. Give me some requests and we'll vote on the next hunt.