Thursday, February 05, 2004


Don't you love helping other people out when they are stumped on projects. I have two dear friends that I have known since the sixth grade(they are more like family than friends), and I went to see them last night so we could all visit before the move. We got to talking about my job as a knitting/crocheting teacher, and Bobby tells me his wife has been stumped on a project for a couple of years. She was working on an American Flag afghan for her sister, and couldn't figure out how to do the stars. This afghan is HUGE. She has done a great job on it, and it looks beautiful. Her sister is anxiously waiting to get it, so I had to help her get it done. I found a pattern for a crocheted star online and showed her how to make one. Now her project can finally be finished, and that makes me happy! Yay! I'm going to see if she will take a picture of it, so I can post it on here. It really is beautiful.