Thursday, February 19, 2004

My new LYS

My husband and I are going to take a trip to a yarn shop that is close to where we live. I'm so glad that I found one nearby. To tell you the truth it was one of my priorities. I had a yarn shop found before I ever set up the electricity. I am planning on buying the remainder of my Brittany Birch needles if they have them there. I haven't really had a chance to knit lately. All we have been doing is unpacking, arranging stuff, and cleaning. We do take some time out to go and get to know the area. I can't wait to go to the lys tomorrow!

As you know, I taught my mom how to crochet a couple of weeks before I left. She is now on her second baby blanket. That makes me really proud. I wish that I had taught her how to crochet sooner so that we could have done it together more. She is coming to visit pretty soon and I am planning on giving her a few more lessons while she is here. I didn't have time to teach her everything before so I just taught her how to make a granny square. That was the first thing that I ever learned. So like I said, I plan to teach her more when she comes to visit. She wants to learn how to read patterns. That shouldn't be hard at all because all you need to know to read patterns is what the abbreviations stand for.

I wanted to add pictures in here, but I have no clue where my camara is right now. I don't have any new finished projects to show, but I have a few works in progress that I could share. I really need to get my mom's hat done before she comes to visit. That way I won't have to spend money to have it shipped. The more money I save the more I can spend on yarn and needles right?? Hahaha!